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Can you get your period while you're pregnant? | BabyCenter


No. You can't have your menstrual period while you're pregnant. Some women do have vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. Some even report intermittent ...

Am I Pregnant? - American Pregnancy Association


Pregnant women can have some light irregular bleeding during pregnancy, but it should not be like a ... Learn more about getting pregnant while on your period.

Is it possible to be pregnant and still have periods? - BabyCentre


This usually happens around the time that your period would have been due, so breakthrough bleeding may be more likely to be the cause. ... Bleeding during early pregnancy can make it hard to work out your due date. .... Getting pregnant.

13 Signs of Pregnancy - Parents.com


Although many of these factors occur at the end of your cycle, they're also ... be the result of your kidneys starting to kick into overdrive during early pregnancy; ...

Can You Get Your Period and Still Be Pregnant? - EnkiVillage


But, bleeding during pregnancy may occur due to various factors like implantation ... Well, you can experience something that seem or looks like your period, but ...

Can you be pregnant and still get your period? - Parents.com


Ectopic pregnancy can be life threatening if it ruptures so the more rapid the diagnosis the better for the patient. If a patient is having any of the above symptoms ...

5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Period - WebMD


Once you get your very first period, your cycles may be longer, meaning more ... The time from one period to the next may get shorter or longer, and you may have heavier or lighter bleeding during your period. .... Your Pre-Pregnancy Checklist.

Period While Pregnant? Is it Possible? 3 Ways It Is - Life with Gremlins


Sep 6, 2014 ... 3 Ways You Can Be Pregnant and Still Get a Period 552 ... Did you experience bleeding during your pregnancy or did you have bleeding and ...

Can You Be Pregnant and Still Get Your Period? | New Health Guide


The rumor that someone has had a period while they were pregnant is a common myth. Some women will experience vaginal bleeding during their pregnancy, ...

Period or Early Pregnancy Bleeding? - ConceiveEasy


Oct 20, 2012 ... If you're bleeding but think you could be pregnant, is it early ... are getting your period, or if you are experiencing early pregnancy bleeding?

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Q: How possible is it to get your period during pregnancy?
A: Some woman have there period throughout the pregnancy-and having a one period at that start is common. From the symptoms you described-I would probably take a t... Read More »
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Q: Is it possible to get your period during pregnancy?
A: It wont technically be your period but some people do experience bleeding every 4weeks caused by "background hormones". Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: Can you get your period during pregnancy?
A: No, you cannot get your period during pregnancy. Thanks for using ChaCha! Read More »
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Q: Do you get your period during pregnancy?
A: Many women notice bleeding or spotting throughout their pregnancy, Read More »
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Q: Is it possible to get your period during pregnancy?
A: Yes it is possible to have bleeding during your pregnancy. Especially this early in your pregnancy. The first thing to do is to go to the Doctor and get a confi... Read More »
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