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Ghost shrimp is a name applied to at least three different kinds of crustacean: Thalassinidea, crustaceans which live in deep burrows in the intertidal zone ...

Tropical Inverts for Freshwater Aquariums: Ghost (Glass) Shrimp ...


Ghost Shrimp, also known as Glass Shrimp, are excellent scavengers. They are inexpensive and efficient aquarium cleaners that will actively search for any kind  ...

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Feb 25, 2015 ... Ghost Shrimp, a/k/a Glass Shrimp, are an interesting, nearly clear scavenger shrimp that help keep tanks clean of debris.

Where Did My Ghost Shrimp Eggs Go? | My Aquarium Club


Nov 21, 2013 ... One of my pregnant ghost shrimp eggs disappeared. The eggs were on her head and the next day I looked at her and her eggs weren't there WHAT HAPPENED ...

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Jun 24, 2013 ... My ghostie is dropping her babies!!! :D pardon my voice I have a sore throat. squeezer = medicine dropper. Don't judge me I'm tired and sick.

How to Take Care of Ghost Shrimp: 11 Steps (with Pictures)


My ghost shrimp eat plain goldfish flakes and love them. They eat a ton, but keep in mind that if you have a tall tank, you might want to get some sinking pellets.

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no WAY!!! so my shrimp tank is in my bedroom.....i woke up before ... Ghost Shrimp Eating Another (live) Shrimp!!! in the Ghost Shrimp ... I'd love to see a ghostie take on a red claw macro and get its head lopped off by those big claws. .... my chances in with the PK, and that's what i did end up doing. gwen ...

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I had ghost shrimp for several months and accidently overfed my baby fish with the first bites by hikari and did a water change and went on vacation. .... will try and eat the shrimp, but I'm hoping to add them to my adult cichlid community at that time. ... I don't know if yours will be that smart (if you get them) but they are...

Ghost Shrimp + Snails = Ghost Shrimp | My Aquarium Club


Well I discovered by accident that ghost shrimp like to eat snails. ... Unfortunately they did not eat much algea and I was starting to get a bit of a build up. .... probably landed in the unanswered basket because it was split from another thread.

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Q: Feeder/ghost shrimp easy to die? | Yahoo Answers
A: First, I would like to note that I am not an expert in this hobby. .... Feeder Shrimp ... My hubby's sister had a few ghost shrimps and found 1 shrimp ... Read More »
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Q: Ghost Shrimp Breeding/Eggs Question!? | Yahoo Answers
A: Aug 8, 2012 ... So I went to the store and bought 3 Ghost Shrimp. I know they are very fragile creatures and sadly, 2 of them died. 2/3 of the shrimp were ... Read More »
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Q: How to care for ghost shrimp eggs - Quora
A: You don't... the mother shrimp handles it all.She attaches the eggs to her swimmerettes until they hatch. Greenish eggs visible below middle of ... Read More »
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Q: Can I put a Crowntail Betta fish in with ghost shrimp in a 1 gall...
A: I've had my Betta for more than a year now. I'm willing to add some ... No. The betta would not live long at all. However, there are some cheap ..... Read More »
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Q: Ghostshrimp - IMDb
A: Ghostshrimp, Animation Department: Adventure Time with Finn & Jake. Ghostshrimp was born in 1980 as Daniel James. He is known for his work on Adventure ... Read More »
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