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The Giver quiz that tests what you know. Perfect prep for The Giver quizzes and tests you might have in school.


This is a literature site so I'm no expert on science questions but I think your word might be "gravitation." ... Japan was closed for over 200 years ...


Book Summary · About The Giver · Character List · Summary and Analysis · Chapters 1-2 · Chapters 3-5 · Chapters 6-8 · Chapters 9-10 · Chapters 11-12 ...


Test for Mrs, Maloney's 6th and 7th grade English class.


Quizzes · Quotes (What was Said) · Themes (For the Most Part) · Symbols · A Stroll Down Memory Lane ... And the Taker ... The Giver Quizzes. BACK · NEXT ...


Take a free quiz on The Giver by Lois Lowry and find out how well you know the book.


In the first chapter, why is the pilot released from the community?, Why does Jonas decide that “apprehensive” is a better word for his feeling than “f...


The Giver - How much do you know? Are you a real fan? Check it by taking the tests and quizzes here for free now.


Quiz. *Theme/Title: The Giver. * Description/Instructions. The Giver is a children's book that follows a boy named Jonah through his twelfth year of life as he is set ...


What is Jonas's birth number?, What is the first color Jonas sees?, What is the first memory Jonas receives?, Who is the visitor staying with Jonas and...