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Jan 27, 2012 ... As long as all the right steps are taken I don't see a problem with doing it yourself. .... I was going to help my friend give her puppy a shot and we couldn't ... Helped me give my Chihuahua, Romeo, a vaccine in a clean and ...


Dec 9, 2013 ... You can give your puppies and dogs shots by yourself if you cannot afford to take your puppies to the vet. You can learn how to do this here ...


You can save a lot of money doing your dog's vaccinations yourself. It's Easy ... View our "How to Give Your Dog a Vaccine at Home" video for additional help.


First, any animal can have an adverse reaction to any vaccine. The probability is small, but if it happens, your pet could be in big trouble -- fast! To see an actual ...


Jan 3, 2016 ... The complete guide to vaccinating your dog at home / How to give puppy shots. Dog owners who vaccinate their dogs at home save an ...


If the dog has a compromised immune system or is sick, giving a vaccine will only .... needle all the way while administering parvo shot, wasted on puppy's fur.


Giving your dog shots just requires careful research and a can-do attitude. ... can be administered at home and it's understandable to want to do it yourself. ... The core vaccines are given to puppy dogs three times, over the course of several ...


Knowing how to give dog shots is very helpful when you have a litter of puppies in the house. Canine vaccines have to be kept refrigerated, so you will need a ...


Mar 25, 2013 ... The vaccinations are given too frequently; a puppy's immune system takes ... Another vet that has no issues with people giving vaccinations to their ... quick, so I made myself get over it and started administering them myself.


A canine 6way single dose syringe puppy vaccine can offer your young pet ... to give your own shots is one way to do this while still providing your puppy with the essentials to maintain good health. First, make yourself aware of your local laws.