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A gladiator was an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and ... Irrespective of their origin, gladiators offered spectators an example of Rome's martial ethics and, in...

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Nov 6, 2012 ... A gladiator was a professional fighter who specialised with particular ... Thirty, forty or even fifty thousand spectators from all sections of Roman ...

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Murderous Games: Gladiatorial Contests in Ancient Rome. By Keith Hopkins ... At mid-day they are thrown to the spectators themselves. No sooner has a man ...

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Most gladiators were prisoners of war, slaves bought for the purpose, ... The spectators demand that the slayer shall face the man who is to slay him in his turn ; ...

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A gladiator was a fighter in ancient Rome who entertained spectators in Roman arenas and amphitheatres. He fought against other gladiators and animals.

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Gladiators (from Latin gladiatores) were both professional and amateur fighters in ancient Rome who fought for the entertainment of its "civilized" spectators.

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Gladiators, Chariots, and the Roman Games. ... In height, the Coliseum was as tall as a modern 12-story building; it held 50,000 spectators. Like many modern ...

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Eye witness account of the gladiatorial games. ... primary purpose of these life-or- death duels was to entertain the multitude of spectators that jammed the arena.

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Gladiator at the Colosseum ... was therefore ringed by eighty entrance gates at ground level which formed the entrances and exits for the spectators.

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Spectators sometimes became part of the Coliseum show. Although the typical Coliseum of Rome combatants were trained gladiators, convicted criminals and ...

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The Roman games. Question : Who were the spectators at Roman games? Discuss the relationship between them and the performers they watched. Gladiator ...

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The first recorded gladiatorial combat in Rome occurred when three pairs of ... the right was equipped with a large latrine so spectators could relieve themselves .