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Irrespective of their origin, gladiators offered spectators an example of Rome's martial ethics and, in fighting or dying well, they could inspire admiration and ...

Coliseum of Rome - Hillman Wonders of the World

Spectators sometimes became part of the Coliseum show. Although the typical Coliseum of Rome combatants were trained gladiators, convicted criminals and ...

Spectators at Gladiator Games: Are We Really So Different?

Jul 13, 2009 ... From their inception, the gladiator games appear to have had their ... is a parallel between spectator sports like boxing and gladiator games:.

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Nov 6, 2012 ... A gladiator was a professional fighter who specialised with particular ... Thirty, forty or even fifty thousand spectators from all sections of Roman ...

Murderous Games: Gladiatorial Contests in Ancient Rome | History ...

Small wonder then that they were sometimes forced to fight in gladiatorial contests, or were thrown to ... At mid-day they are thrown to the spectators themselves.

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The Roman games. Question : Who were the spectators at Roman games? Discuss the relationship between them and the performers they watched. Gladiator ...

The Roman Gladiator

The spectators demand that the slayer shall face the man who is to slay him in his turn; ... Commodus (AD 180-192) enthusiastically participated as a gladiator.

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A gladiator was a fighter in ancient Rome who entertained spectators in Roman arenas and amphitheatres. He fought against other gladiators and animals.

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Eye witness account of the gladiatorial games. ... primary purpose of these life-or- death duels was to entertain the multitude of spectators that jammed the arena.

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Gladiators (from Latin gladiatores) were both professional and amateur fighters in ancient Rome who fought for the entertainment of its "civilized" spectators.

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A: During the gladiator fights, the spectators would be cheering on their favorite, booing the ones they disliked and more than likely placing bets on their choice... Read More »
Q: How did the spectators act during the Roman Gladiator games?
A: SCARED HAPPY having fun. Read More »
Q: In the film Gladiator, why did the protagonist chose to fight for...
A: he was slumming until he could get back to Rome and wipe out the mentally ill Emperor. Read More »
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A: Historians and archeologists have been searching for many years for evidence that there was an awning or velarium to provide shade. Coins and other artifacts ha... Read More »
Q: Did the spectators at the Roman Gladiator fights have to pay addm...
A: Admission was free - one of the perks of the Roman empire. It is possible that they may have charged for certain special events, but for the most part the emper... Read More »