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A glittering generality (also called glowing generality) is an emotionally appealing phrase so closely associated with highly valued concepts and beliefs that it ...

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Glittering Generalities as a propaganda device uses needs- or value-based vague words to invoke powerful emotions.

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Glittering Generalities, Words of praise for a product or person; using nice words like goodness or patriotism. McDonald's is America's favorite. Namecalling ...

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For our purposes in propaganda analysis, we call these virtue words "Glittering Generalities" in order to focus attention upon this dangerous characteristic that ...

In the modern age of ten-second sound bites, glittering generalities can make or break a candidate's campaign. The ambiguity of the term is such that Nazis and Soviet Communists both felt they could claim it for their own system of governance, despite the fact that man... More »
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Amazing! Fantastic! Freedom! Democracy! Power! Glittering generalities are a form of propaganda that elicit strong emotional responses through the use of ...

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Noun. (plural glittering generalities). An emotionally appealing term closely associated with highly-valued concepts and beliefs which convey or invoke ...

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Aug 10, 2008 ... Glittering generalities "was one of the seven main propaganda techniques identified by the Institute for Propaganda Analysis in 1938.

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Jul 1, 2003 ... We could call these words “glittering generalities” because they use words that glitter and sparkle, while only stating generalities. That is, they ...

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Another technique used to influence people's thinking is the glittering generality. This technique uses words that sound good but have little real meaning.

Popular Q&A
Q: What is a glittering generality?
A: An example of a glittering generality is saying, "Drinking this water is like sipping the 'crisp, luscious ocean'" - it's not true, because it doesn't really me... Read More »
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Q: What is glittering generalities.
A: It stereotypes people into certain groups! Read More »
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Q: What is a glittering generalization?
A: Assuming you mean "glittering generality" not "generalization, it is: "The use of vague emotionally appealing virtue words that dispose us to approve something ... Read More »
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Q: What is glittering generalities propaganda.
A: This is a type of propaganda that is commonly used in television. It uses words that are attractive, patriotic, and catchy. However, the catch is that they don'... Read More »
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Q: What is a glittering generality.
A: Use attractive, but vague words that make speeches and other communications sound good, but in practice say nothing in particular. Glittering means to shine by ... Read More »
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