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Global warming conspiracy theory - Wikipedia


A global warming conspiracy theory invokes claims that scientific consensus on global warming is based on conspiracies to produce false data or suppress ...

Top Ten Reasons Climate Change is a Hoax | Global Climate Scam


Jan 23, 2015 ... By Elmer Beauregard. The Senate voted this week on whether Climate Change is real or a hoax, I think it's a hoax and here's why. I'm sure ...

Top 10 Global Warming Lies That May Shock You - Forbes


Feb 9, 2015 ... Global warming alarmists frequently make false and deplorable assertions (see, for example, my recent column debunking false claims that ...

Three Facts Prove Climate Alarm Is a Scam - Newsmax.com


May 31, 2016 ... None of this global warming (aka, “climate change”) alarmism is ... of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax” (2012).

Friends of Science | The Myths and Facts of Global Warming


COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING. MYTH 1: Global temperatures are rising at a rapid, unprecedented rate. FACT: The HadCRUT3 ...

THE GLOBAL WARMING HOAX - World Natural Health Organization


THE GLOBAL WARMING HOAX. The official position of the World Natural Health Organization in regards to global warming is that there is NO GLOBAL ...

5 Scientific Reasons That Global Warming Isn't Happening - John ...


Feb 18, 2014 ... How did global warming discussions end up hinging on what's ... False. Ice cores show that CO2 levels trail temperatures by about 800 years.

Yes, 'global warming' is a hoax and here's the proof - Freedom News


Dec 7, 2015 ... (Freedom.news) In recent days many of the world's leaders met in Paris, France, to hammer out a new and binding agreement that would ...

1001 Reasons Why Global Warming Is So Totally Over In 2016


Jan 4, 2016 ... 1001 Reasons Why Global Warming Is So Totally Over In 2016 ..... two hour interview on +600 radio stations on the FAKE Luke/Alarmist debate.

Did Donald Trump Claim Global Warming Is a Hoax? : snopes.com


Sep 28, 2016 ... Donald Trump and his campaign refuse to acknowledge instances of his referring to global warming/climate change as a "hoax." What does the ...

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Blog: Proof that the man-made global warming theory is false


Jan 31, 2016 ... Proof that the man-made global warming theory is false ... dioxide in the air; and increasing carbon dioxide in the air causes climate change.

Yes, Donald Trump did call climate change a Chinese hoax | PolitiFact


Jun 3, 2016 ... At one point, Clinton said, "Donald Trump says climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese." Did he? Yes, though he later said it was a ...

Is Global Warming Real? Top 5 Arguments in Favor and Against it ...


Global warming is a hot topic these days. Debate over it has been going all around the world. Understanding global warming and its impact is important to meet ...