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Transactions vs. Relationships: What Should the Company ...


conduct their businesses (Coviello et al. 2002; Hultman and Shaw 2003). The question, then, is why marketing practitioners still invest in traditional marketing ...

Contemporary Marketing Practices research program: a review of ...


Feb 10, 2009 ... “transaction vs relationship” marketing prevalent at that time was overly ... ( Coviello et al., 1997)[2], and distinguished them from the transaction ...

Determinants of the International Performance of Services


internationalization of services is different (Coviello et al. ... Marketing Services vs . .... degree (stronger vs. weaker effects), or have absolutely no relevance for ...

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Dec 30, 2010 ... Mechanism and Comparison of Unilateral Versus Bilateral. Stimulation. Mark K. ... The review by Schweinfurth et al. found a well defined association between ... opposed to the globus pallidus internus, which is the target used at .... Defazio G, Bernaradelli A, Abbruzzese G, Lepore V, Coviello V, et al. (1998).

Meige Syndrome: What's in a Name?


May 19, 2009 ... Brueg(h)el the Elder was not a physician and his painting of a ..... Most commonly , the internal segment of the globus pallidus (GPi) has .... Defazio G, Berardelli A, Abbruzzese G, Coviello V, Carella F, De Berardinis MT, et al.

Review of Dercum's disease and proposal of diagnostic criteria ...


Apr 30, 2012 ... Pimenta et al. performed an in vitro study on normal and painful fat from a patient with ..... joint dysfunction, globus syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity. .... [ PubMed]; Genc V, Genc A, Ustuner E, Dusunceli EB, Oztuna D, Bayar S, .... [ PubMed] [Cross Ref]; Herbst KL, Coviello AD, Chang A, Boyle DL.

Identification of the second CFTR mutation in patients with ...


Jul 26, 2010 ... ... physical examination of the scrotum (presence of globus major and ..... [ PubMed]; Gatta V, Antonucci I, Morizio E, Palka C, Fischetto R, et al. ... [PubMed]; Paracchini V, Seia M, Coviello D, Porcaro L, Costantino L, et al.

Do primary adult-onset focal dystonias share aetiological factors ...


Jan 22, 2007 ... Leube et al., 1996, CD, CD, laryngeal dystonia, DYT7 ..... internal globus pallidus and lateral thalamus to tactile input from the ..... Defazio G,; Berardelli A,; Abbruzzese G,; Coviello V,; Carella F,; De Berardinis MT,; et al.

Pathophysiology of Idiopathic Focal Dystonia - ACNR


globus pallidus internus (GPi) and motor thal- amus that ... This area includes lobules V and VI of the cerebellar .... Coviello V, Acquistapace D, et al. Possible ...

Silent event-related fMRI reveals deficient motor and enhanced ...


Nov 9, 2005 ... A similar network except activation of the left globus pallidus was .... The asymptomatic hand contraction task in the study by Ibanez et al. ..... Defazio G, Berardelli A, Abbruzzese G, Coviello V, Carella F, De Berardinis MT, et al.

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