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This is a list of goat breeds. There are many recognized breeds of domestic goat ( Capra aegagrus hircus). Goat breeds (especially dairy goats) are some of the ...

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Unlike sheep, goats easily revert to feral or wild condition given a chance. In fact, the only domestic species which will return to a wild state as rapidly as a goat is ...

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Here's your quick and easy guide to choosing a goat breed your first time around. There are so many cutie pies to choose from!

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Sep 16, 2013 ... All goats are great, which is the best goat for you? ... The large Saanen goats are the most productive dairy goat breed — one of them yields ...

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This page presents a list of goat breeds used for the production of meat. Many of those breeds listed below are dual-purpose, that is they are also used for the ...

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Jun 16, 2016 ... Don't raise the wrong breeds. Here are 18 of the best goat breeds for milk and meat production that you should consider.

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If you love goats, want to buy all the goats, and your husband has to block you from Craigslist ... Most people will choose to vaccinate just for tetanus or not at all. ... When you visit the farm to purchase your goat, check out the surroundings.

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Choosing a breed comes down to what you want the goats for — will it be primarily for milk, meat or fiber? What breeds are available in your area, the cost, and ...

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Nothing is worse than buying some goats, bringing them home, getting attached to them, and then discovering that they won't work out in your situation, are the ...

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A: Nine goat breeds are common in the United States. This article gives a brief description of how to identify each of these common breeds. Read More »
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A: Out of work laid off Circuit City employees? ... What goat breed is best for small brush maintenance? What goat breeds can you raise for fiber, milk and meat? Read More »
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Q: What goat breed produces the most delicious and nutritious meat ....
A: Goats grow, as any normal living being. They don't produce meat, it is the butcher working on ... Every Goat or meat for that matter is bland and tasteless... Read More »
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A: May 16, 2014 ... We have had pygmy goats and a saanen dairy goat for 3 years and they all need leaves from trees and shrubs all the time. Trees around here ... Read More »
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Q: Any Goat Breed born with no horns? | Yahoo Answers
A: Jul 23, 2008 ... Best Answer: There is no breed in which *all* kids are naturally hornless, however polled (naturally hornless) goats do occur occasionally in ... Read More »
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