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How to Argue That God Does Not Exist: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Many zealots are very defensive concerning the nonexistence of god. ... explain that the paranormal isn't impossible (written by actual scientists, not zealots), ...

The Top 10 Reasons I Don't Believe in God | Alternet't_believe_in_god

Mar 30, 2012 ... If God (or any other metaphysical being or beings) were real, and ... If what you believe in isn't a supernatural being or substance that has, or at ...

God is Imaginary - 50 simple proofs

Fifty simple proofs to show that God doesn't exist. Also includes a forum, blog, videos and cartoons.

I am afraid God isn't real.... | Room for Doubt

I am afraid God isn't real.... Zach Breitenbach. Submission by Eon: So I have a huge fear. I'm afraid that God isn't real and that we would spend our whole life ...

Good reasons why god isn't real? | Yahoo Answers

Feb 9, 2012 ... Can you give me 10 reasons why god isn't real. Please. Isn't Real&v=VMZ5L5037ac
Sep 15, 2014 ... Some guy on the internet offered $100000 to anyone who could prove that God isn't real. Of course he's lying, but I accept the challenge ...

Top Ten Reasons There is no God - Godlike Productions

There is no chance that a real god could miss several 100 million or so ..... the Judeo-Christain god, but isn't a point that disproves he exists.

Is God real? |

If I refused to believe the wind was real because I didn't have any proof, that wouldn't mean that the wind isn't real. In the same way, God is real and all the ...

Why there is no god

For a similar list see: Iron Chariots – 50 reasons to believe in God. ... The Biblical God is real. ...... Faith isn't a virtue; it is the glorification of voluntary ignorance.

Christian pastor offers atheists $100,000 to prove God doesn't exist ...

Sep 4, 2014 ... You would think a real God wouldn't stand for that crap for one second. .... Our opinions on what's real and what isn't do not change reality.

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Q: What if God isn't real?
A: I have no doubts whatsoever. But lets use your "what if" scenario. If I am wrong, I live a good life. Was happy and fulfilled in my life. I made good moral deci... Read More »
Q: Why god isn't real?
A: It is for us to choose whether or not to believe in his existence. He wisely chooses not to meddle with our affairs (too much) and leaves the Earth (for the mos... Read More »
Q: If God isn't real?
A: I am annoyed when people always come up with the same old story: if God loves everyone, why do all these terrible things happen.... Okay, why do we have to go t... Read More »
Q: If God isn't real?
A: Why do you feel compelled to say G-d loves me? Don't you have enough to do trying to lead a decent life of your own? Funny, I thought the whole concept behind f... Read More »
Q: What is an explanation that god isn't real?
A: You cannot prove to a person why God is or is not real. Each person needs Read More »