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Types of Goldfish Species from Desktop Goldfish

To get a better idea of the different types of goldfish, Desktop Goldfish has put together this detailed list. From the Black Moor to the Veiltail, and even the new ...

Goldfish Types, Fish Guides for Fancy Goldfish and Common Goldfish

Fish guides for Goldfish, Goldfish care sheets with facts, information and goldfish pictures for all types of goldfish, common goldfish to fancy goldfish, fantail ...

Goldfish Types | Everything You Want To Know - Goldfish Care

Find out why goldfish are the most modified specie of animals. Detailed characteristics on every type of goldfish, how to mix them and recommended varieties for ...
Like the Lionhead, Ranchu lack a dorsal (top) fin and develop a hood that can grow on the top of the head, as well as around the eyes and gill covers. However they are readily distinguished by a steeply arched back, most noticeable near the caudal (tail) fin. The ar... More »
By Shirlie Sharpe, Guide

12 Most Common Goldfish Types - Complete Goldfish Care

Looking to buy some new goldfish? Discover the most common goldfish types in stores and choose the perfect goldfish for your tank.

Types of Goldfish - Koko's Goldfish World

Goldfish Types, There are many types of goldfish, but they all orignated from the the gibel carp from the streams of China. Species&v=QYrYkYeS9Ao
Jul 13, 2013 ... Hi guys, here is a video of the main breeds of goldfish, enjoy! :D.

Breeds - Exotic Goldfish

SINGLE TAILED BREEDS. These are goldfish that still look similar to the normal carp they are decended from except for their color and the shape of their fins.

Types of goldfish: About different goldfish types | The Goldfish Tank

Goldfish types: In this series of posts we look at several different goldfish types and describe some of the most popular types of goldfish available today.

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Q: What is a goldfishs species name?
A: Carassius auratus Carassius auratus Read More »
Q: What are the fishes that are compatible with goldfish species?
A: Other Goldfish would be the best idea. Read More »
Q: How can the goldfish species be countered and prevented?
A: It is not possible to counter a species. A species is a living thing that has been classified taxononomically. It can not be countered. It is also impossible to... Read More »
Q: Goldfish Species question?
A: Lionheads don't normally have much of a "wen" (the growth on the head) when they are only one inch long. The wen develops as they grow. So I think the answer is... Read More »
Q: How many species of goldfish are there?