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Everyone asks this POINTLESS question, "Think you're goth - Do you wear black ?" Ugh. Pathetic. ... Your goth quiz results may depend on your gender?

How Goth are you? (detailed questions) - Quiz - Quotev


Jun 7, 2008 ... The highest score you can get on this quiz. Oh yeah, you're goth alright. Maybe perhaps a bit too "gother-than-thou" ? But, you DO know what ...

Quiz - What type of Goth are you? - YouThink.com


Of course! No Goth would be seen dead without it! Whiteface, nail polish, and a bit of eyeliner, nothing to dramatic! Being Goth has nothing to do with makeup!

Which type of goth are you? - AllTheTests.com


Are you a classic goth, modern goth, or not a goth at all? Find out! ... This Quiz has been designed by Chrissy. Develop your own quiz! Click here ...

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Quizzes. Featured, Degrassi, All, Personality, Trivia. Sort by:Newest | Alphabetical. Sort by:Newest | Alphabetical. Sort by:Newest | Alphabetical. Sort by:Newest | ...

How gothic are you? - GoToQuiz.com


Are you gothic? If so. you should take this quiz. if not. then you can still take it i guess. i got nothing else to say. but this stupid computer says i have to have more  ...

What Kind Of Goth Are You?: Quizzes by Ptocheia


So this quiz has been done before. Still, you can never have too many "goth" quizzes. Especially when most of the pre-existing ones are crap! (like this one is ...

Are You Goth, Emo, Prep, Skater, Gangster, Or Nerd? For Girls Only ...


Find out if your a gothic chick or a emo. Are you a prep a ... Goth Quizzes & Trivia .... Fireparty, Embrace, Gray matter ect{srry dont really kno emo bands:{ C.

Emo Quiz: How Emo Are You? | Gurl.com


Feb 21, 2012 ... Do you love emo bands, emo clothes, emo hair? Find out how emo you really are with this fun quiz!

How to Make a Good Quiz on Quizilla: 14 Steps (with Pictures)


You want to get your quiz on the Ultimate list on Quizilla? ... Teen subculture quizzes- the "Are you a prep, a jock, a nerd, a goth/emo, a scene kid or a skater?

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Are you Emo, Punk, Scene, Goth, Mosher, Poser, Chav? - Quiz


Dec 24, 2008 ... EDIT: To the girl who got poser and flamed, and to the other posers, when you got poser, your not REALLY a poser, you just clicked all the ...

Personality Quiz: What type of Goth are you? - Quizzes


Where do you belong in the Gothic category? Is it with the posers, the old-school, or something rather different? Take this quiz! Let's start with the.

Are you Emo, Goth, or Punk? - AllTheTests.com


Jan 1, 2012 ... This quiz will only work for those who want to be these things.:) Have you ... A dark Goth? A rocking ... (Like me!) My first quiz will help you find out!