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Hierarchy of the Catholic Church


The Catholic Church describes as its hierarchy its bishops, priests and deacons. In the ... The Pope himself is a bishop (the bishop of Rome) and traditionally uses the title .... The other cardinal...

What is a government by a pope position rank or authority of a pope


Papacy is the correct answer.

Roman Catholic Church Hierarchy - Infoplease


Cardinal: Appointed by the pope, 178 cardinals worldwide, including 13 in the U.S., ... doctrine, a priest of sacred worship, and a minister of church government.

people in authority in the christian church - synonyms and related ...


a priest of the highest rank in some Christian churches who is responsible for all ... a very senior position in the Roman Catholic Church, below that of the Pope ... of a pope (=the leader of the Roman Catholic Church) or a government, who is ...

Papal Claims to Authority


"As to papal authority, the Pope is as it were God on earth, Sole sovereign of all the faithful .... as it certainly possesses power of government, and spiritual jurisdiction; and the variety ...... Although bishops have a common dignity, they are not all of the same rank. ... For in position you are my brethren, in character my f...

Medieval People Titles, Positions, Trades & Classes

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Under the feudalism pyramid the Pope had the power to pronounce judgment against a King .... The position, rank, or title of a peer. A book listing the .... Chancellor was responsible for the Chancery, the arm of the royal government dealing.

Popes & Patriarchs, Rome, Constantinople, Jerusalem, Alexandria ...


The first Council called by a Pope, and regarded by him as Ecumenical, was the ... The Patriarch of Constantinople was made second in rank, although this was a bit ... The Papacy, of course, claims that its full authority and its position as the ...... The proposition that people should be protected, usually by the government, ...

What Makes a Good Leader? Ask Pope Francis, or Lady Gaga | RAND


Nov 18, 2014 ... Ask Pope Francis, or Lady Gaga ... “The government is there at the end of the day to serve the public… ... “Authority comes with rank. ... people who stand for something, and who exist at a level above their own position. ... “A good leader that we can look to now is Pope Francis; he stands for something and ...

Roman Catholicism - Structure of the church | Britannica.com


Feb 17, 2016 ... As the bearer of the Petrine office, the pope is raised to a position of lonely eminence ... Ancient and medieval views of papal authority ..... the Vatican as the highest rank of papal advisers and officers in the Roman Curia. ... task of assisting the pope in a specific area of government, were finally established, ...

A Protestant Response To Pope Francis's Address - The Federalist


Sep 24, 2015 ... For they mean that he is universal [that the Pope is the general .... who is an apostle of higher rank, observes this; therefore, both Paul and the .... the authority of Christ; that he transfers the keys to a worldly government; ..... It's telling that you can quote a lot of church fathers for support of your posit...

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What do you call Government by pope position rank or authority of a ...


Papacy ... No, Lutherans do not believe in the authority of pope. 1 person found this ... What is the position of the pope in the Catholic Church? He is the Head of  ...

The organization of the Roman Catholic church - Bible.ca


Click to View. Roman Catholic Organization today: 1 Pope Click to View ... is the only local church in the world to have all three levels of authority: World ... per diocese, although he may be assisted by other bishops who rank below him as servants. ... of a Cardinal, is a cabinet member in the British or Canadian Government.

The Rank of Officials in the Catholic Church | People - Opposing Views


The Vatican is home to the Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church. ... Rome, resides in the Vatican and is the highest earthly authority in the Catholic hierarchy. ... control over matters of morality, faith, discipline and government in the Catholic Church. ... Additionally, he holds a vital position on the College of Bishops, which ...