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The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church consists of its bishops, priests, and deacons. In the ... The Pope himself is a bishop (the bishop of Rome) and traditionally uses the title ..... The other cardinals have the rank either of Cardinal Priest or Cardinal ... equivalent position in Eastern Orthodoxy is an exarch holding authority over ...


Do Lutherans believe in authority of pope? No, Lutherans do not believe in the authority of pope. ... What is the position of the pope in the Catholic Church?


I was born a Catholic and have never wavered in my faith in over 70 years. I had 12 years of Catholic education in my youth - both primary and secondary ...


Among the rulers of the earth, the Pope occupies a peculiar position, which is as unique in the realm of international law as the Papacy ... ference from the Italian Government, and that facilities shall ... power claimed authority over the fleshly or temporal power. ... idea that the spiritual power should rank above the temporal.


The Vatican is home to the Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church. ... Rome, resides in the Vatican and is the highest earthly authority in the Catholic hierarchy. ... control over matters of morality, faith, discipline and government in the Catholic Church. ... Additionally, he holds a vital position on the College of Bishops, which ...


Click to View. Roman Catholic Organization today: 1 Pope Click to View ... is the only local church in the world to have all three levels of authority: World ... per diocese, although he may be assisted by other bishops who rank below him as servants. ... of a Cardinal, is a cabinet member in the British or Canadian Government.


a priest of the highest rank in some Christian churches who is responsible for all ... a very senior position in the Roman Catholic Church, below that of the Pope ... of a pope (=the leader of the Roman Catholic Church) or a government, who is ...


Cardinal: Appointed by the pope, 178 cardinals worldwide, including 13 in the U.S., ... doctrine, a priest of sacred worship, and a minister of church government.


In Sunni Islam, there is no individual who "leads" religious interpretation, there is no pope or ... There are various authority figures, like the Imam--the man who leads the ... Shia Islamic scholars of the highest rank are lead by the Ayatollah in Iran .... no idea of the staggering number of ways that the government assists you.


Thus, the pope was the Antichrist because he represented and enforced a ... Against the Protestant elevation of Scripture to the position of sole authority, they .... of the church in areas that do not have an ordinary ecclesiastical government. ..... of the church, Vatican II will probably rank with the Councils of Nicaea (325), ...