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In grammar, a conjunction (abbreviated CONJ or CNJ) is a part of speech that connects words, phrases, or clauses, which are called the conjuncts of the ...

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Conjunctions. Have you seen how children write when they're first learning? They write in short little sentences that sound rather robotic: My name is Anna.

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Conjunctions - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary.

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The simple, little conjunctions are called coordinating conjunctions (you can click .... but, and or: A University Grammar of English by Randolph Quirk and Sidney ...

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And, but, for, nor, or, so, and yet—these are the seven coordinating conjunctions. To remember all seven, you might want to learn one of these acronyms: ...

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A conjunction is a part of speech that is used to connect words, phrases, clauses, or sentences. Conjunctions are considered to be invariable grammar particle, ...

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This list of conjunctions gives you examples of the three types of conjunctions. Learn through examples!

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But … No “buts”. It's better to look at a small amount at a time … So that I can remember it? Exactly. Check your grammar: matching - conjunctions ...

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An introduction of the three types of conjunctions in English.

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They may be small words, but conjunctions are highly functional and very important for constructing sentences. As you can see in the first sentence the ...