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A direct object will follow a transitive verb [a type of action verb]. Direct objects can be nouns, pronouns, phrases, or clauses. If you can identify the subject and ...


A direct object receives the action performed by the subject. The verb used with a direct object is always an action verb. Another way of saying it is that the ...


How to Find the Direct Object of a Sentence. You can find the direct object by finding the verb and asking what? (or whom?). For example: She fed the cat.


Learn more about direct objects. Our lessons offer detailed explanations along with exercises to test your knowledge.


A direct object receives the action of the verb. In other words, it is the thing being acted upon. Only action verbs ... Related Links: Examples · Grammar Examples ...


A direct object is the direct recipient of the action of a verb. Direct object pronouns replace direct object nouns. In Italian the forms of the direct object pronouns (i ...


Learn Spanish grammar with our free helpful lessons and fun exercises at ... Often, it is desirable to replace the name of the direct object with a pronoun.


Inside the Predicate. FORM AND FUNCTION PAGE 5/9. Now we will look inside the Predicate, and assign functions to its constituents. Recall that the Predicate ...

Nov 12, 2010 ... See how to find the direct object! ... Grammar Bytes! .... I have to teach my students what Direct Objects ARE in English before I can explain ...


An object in grammar is part of a sentence, and often part of the predicate. It refers to someone or something involved in the subject's performance of the verb.