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gray whale
a grayish-black whalebone whale, Eschrichtius robustus, of the North Pacific, growing to a length of 50 feet (15.2 meters): now rare.
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The gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus), also known as the grey whale, gray back whale, Pacific gray whale, or California gray whale is a baleen whale that ...


The whale uses its snout to forage by dislodging tiny creatures from the seafloor. It then filters these morsels with its baleen—a comblike strainer of plates in the ...


The only member of the family Eschrichtiidae, the gray whale is a mysticete, or baleen whale. It is a "coastal" whale that migrates along the North American ...


GRAY WHALE (Eschrichtius robustus) meaning of scientific name: Eschrichtius- named after the Danish professor who worked with these animals; robustus- ...


Gray whales have a hump and a ridge of sharp bumps along their backs, instead of a dorsal fin. They are a type of baleen whale, which means they filter food ...


Gray whales are Critically Endangered in the north west Pacific due to oil and gas exploration.


Jan 15, 2015 ... Gray whales are mysticetes, or baleen whales. Gray whales are the only species in the family Eschrichtiidae. These large whales can grow to ...


The Western North Pacific population of gray whales historically migrated along ... Gray whales are known for their long annual migration between their feeding ...


There are historical accounts of living gray whales from Iceland in the early 1600s and possibly off New England (USA) in the early 1700s (Rice 1998).