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Gray's beaked whale


Gray's beaked whale (Mesoplodon grayi), sometimes known as Haast's beaked whale, the Scamperdown whale, or the southern beaked whale, is one of the ...

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One of the more easily distinguished members of its genus, Gray's beaked whale has a particularly long, slender snout, or 'beak', which is white in adults, with a ...

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Gray's beaked whales are slightly better known than other beaked whales. There have been several live sightings of individuals and small groups in the wild.

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Gray's beaked whale is a medium size toothed whale that can be found living in the cool waters of the southern hemisphere. In addition to being known as ...

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Oct 13, 2009 ... Gray's Beaked Whale is the second-most commonly stranded of the beaked whales in Australia, and is the most common beaked whale to ...

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Gray's beaked whale (1st of 2) · Southern bottlenose skeleton. Rarely seen at sea . The chance of seeing any of the 11 species of beaked whales known to ...

Mesoplodon grayi — Gray's Beaked Whale, Scamperdown Whale


Adult Gray's Beaked Whales are dark grey, with pale patches on the belly and uro-genital area (Jefferson et al. 1993). Anterior to the blowhole the melon and ...

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Nov 5, 2012 ... When two spade-toothed whales washed up on a New Zealand shore, they were mistaken for the more common Gray's beaked whales ...

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All species lack upper teeth, with the exception of Gray's beaked whale and Shepherd's beaked whale. Heavy scarring suggests the large teeth of the lower jaw ...

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Very little is known about Gray's beaked whale. It is a rare whale even among beaked whales but is occasionally sighted. Because its characteristics are so ...

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CMS: Mesoplodon grayi, Gray's beaked whale


Mesoplodon grayi von Haast, 1876. English: Gray's beaked whale. German: Gray -Zweizahnwal Spanish: Zifio de Gray, ballena picuda de Gray

Mesoplodon grayi (Gray's Beaked Whale, Southern Beaked Whale)


Range Description: Gray's beaked whale is primarily a southern Hemisphere cool temperate species, which is apparently circum-Antarctic in occurrence ( Mead ...

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Gray's Beaked Whale Mesoplodon grayi ... head, means that adult males, at least , of this species may be one of the more identifiable beaked whales in the field.