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Greasers are a working-class youth subculture that was popularized in the late 1940s and 1950s by middle and lower class teenagers in the United States.

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I chose the Greasers subculture simply because I love the 1950's era. The whole era itself was so influential for the United States. From rock and roll to Marilyn ...

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How to Be a Greaser. According to Wikipedia, "Greasers are a working class youth sub-culture that originated in the 1950s in the USA.

Stone Greasers, Greasers Gangs and Clubs From Chicago to New ...


Welcome to the Stone Greaser website, documenting the Greaser gangs from Chicago and New York from the 1950s until today.

1950s Greasers: Styles, Trends, History & Pictures - RetroWaste


The 1950s greaser look was started by Marlon Brando and perfected by James Dean. This page covers the origins of the greaser style, including pictures.

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The Greaser Delinquents trope as used in popular culture. You've seen them in nearly every work set in The Fifties, and to a lesser extent, The '60s and very …

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The greasers were poorer than the Socs or the Middle Class. They were wilder, too. When a Soc or Middle Class person saw a greaser, they immediately ...

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an insiders definition of a Greaser: having an affinity for a point in time and history where: *cars were built to last *street gangs werent about ...

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Greasers first appeared in films like Rebel Without a Cause. Soon their greased up hair and leather jackets were the new trend for rebellious teenagers.

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In this lesson, you will learn the characteristics, history, influencers and appearance of the greaser subculture. Following the lesson will be a...

a person or thing that greases.
Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a Latin American, especially a Mexican.
Slang. a swaggering young tough, especially a member of a street gang.
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