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Capital: Athens
Population: 10,815,197
Conventional Name: Hellenic Republic
Chief of State: President Prokopis Pavlopoulos
Head of State: Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras
National Anthem: Ymnos eis tin Eleftherian (Hymn to Liberty)
Lyrics/Music: Dionysios Solomos/Nikolaos Mantzaros
President receives Greek FM
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Greek language


Greek or Hellenic is an independent branch of the Indo-European family of languages, native to the southern Balkans, the Aegean Islands, western Asia Minor, ...

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Freshman Rusty Cartwright arrives at college and decides he no longer wants to be the boring geek from high school. He decides to pledge a fraternity.

If you happen to be named Mary, Maria, Marie, Panagiota, Panagiotis, Despina, or any other name derived from the Virgin Mary, then the 15th of August is your feast day. In a traditional Greek home, the Roast Leg of Lamb with Potatoes is a customary offering for holiday... More »

Ancient Scripts: Greek


Early Greek was written right-to-left, just like Phoenician. However, eventually its direction changed to boustrophedon (which means "ox-turning"), where the ...

Greek - Wiktionary


From Old English Grecas (“Greeks”), from Latin Graecus, from Ancient Greek Γραικός (Graikós) (a character in Greek mythology: a son of Thessalos, the king of ...

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The Greek full episode guide offers a synopsis for every episode in case you a missed a show. Browse the list of episode titles to find summary recap you need ...

Greek | Ethnologue


The Greek of Italy and that of Corsica are probably distinct languages (1992 R. Zamponi). In Cyprus, the dialect is reportedly more similar to Classical Greek [grc]  ...

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Greek (ελληνικά). Greek belongs to the Hellenic branch of the Indo-European language family, and is spoken by about 13 million people mainly in Greece and  ...

Greece Travel Information and Travel Guide
Greece offers a myriad of experiences, landscapes and activities. It is the pulsing nightclubs of Mykonos and the ancient beauty of Delos; the grandeur of Delphi and the earthiness of Ioannina; the ... More »
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A: A will as in the will that someone has for when they die is called a "Diathiki" or ¨Διαθήκη¨. If you're meaning the will like "I will go to the market" that is ... Read More »
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