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She was a Phrygian goddess adopted by the Greeks. ... The Dactyls (Δάκτυλοι), minor deities originally representing fingers of a ...

Behind the Name: Greek Mythology Names


These names occur in the mythologies and legends of ancient Greece. ..... From the Greek Αχιλλευς (Achilleus) which is of unknown meaning, perhaps derived ...

Greek god and goddess names - Ancinet-Mythology.com


A list of names of characters in Greek mythology, and the meaning of their names .

Ancient Greek Male Names (Greek Community) - Mons Aventinus ...


ANAXAGORAS: Greek name meaning "master of speech," from anax "master" and agoreuo "to speak." Name of a mythological king of Argos, and the name of a  ...

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Mythology provides a rich territory for baby names, so don't be afraid to venture into the ... Artemis, Greek goddess of hunting, wilderness, and wild animals.

Greek Names: History A-Z, Meanings & More - Baby Names


Admire Greek mythology and civilization? Choose from 1000's of Greek names as captivating as Zeus or Athene and reveal their meanings and backgrounds!

60 Male Greek Names That Make Cool Dog Names | PetHelpful


Feb 21, 2016 ... The pantheon of Greek heroes, gods, and monsters offers many ... A list of military dog names and their meanings inspired by war heros, great ...

Greek Gods List • Names of the Greek Gods


A complete A-Z list of the Greek gods of ancient mythology, their names and the areas of influence they had.

Greek Goddesses - Women in Greek Myths


Jul 16, 2011 ... Athena was Greece's favorite Goddess, and there are many stories about ... And by "associated" I mean that her name was sometimes used to ...

100 Wonderful Greek Mythology Baby Names - MomJunction


Jul 20, 2016 ... MomJunction brings you 100 Greek mythology names best suited for our modern times, with their meanings. Read on to find the names of ...

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Greek God Names - From A to Z - Gods And Monsters


A complete list of Greek god names, along with detailed descriptions of each god.

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Goddess names looks at the origin and meaning behind the names of the most ... The list contains the main Greek Goddess names as well as the names of ...

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Mythological baby names for girls can impart both tradition and strength to a child . The pantheon of Greek and Roman deities and other classical mythological ...