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Indo-Greek Kingdom


[edit]. Maritime relations across the Indian ocean started in the 3rd century BC, and further developed during the time of the ...

Indo-Greek - Ancient History Encyclopedia


The first Indo-Greek kingdom appeared circa 190 BCE may when the Greco- Bactrian king or (general for his father) Demetrios was busy in India, when his...

Cultural links between India and the Greco-Roman world (Article ...


Feb 12, 2011 ... Cyrus the Great (558-530 BC) built the first universal empire, stretching from Greece to the Indus River. This was the famous Achaemenid ...

India and the Greek World - Adolphus


Prior to the time of Alexander, Greek knowledge of India was acquired on the whole by way of Persia. King Cyrus, founder of the Persian empire and of the ...

By Kallie Szczepanski , About.com GuideMay 1, 2011 Since the first century, historians have believed that the Greek sailor Hippalus discovered the secret of navigating the Indian Ocean by following the monsoon winds. New archaeological evidence, though, suggests that ... More »
By Kallie Szczepanski, About.com Guide

Why The Greeks Never Came Back To India::Current Affairs


To the victors go the spoils, so if the Greeks and Macedonians were really victorious, as European accounts narrate, then why did they leave India so soon?

Greek tragedy, Indian cast - Times of India


Jul 19, 2015 ... These are bleak times for Indian migrants in Greece. Some have decided to stick it out, and others are talking of migrating further West.

Hindu Wisdom - India and Greece


Indian civilization is distinctive for its antiquity and continuity. Apart from its own vitality, the continuity of Indian civilization is largely due to its ability to adapt to ...

Greek Indian Cultural and Welfare Association


Greek Indian Cultural and Welfare Association. ... Indian Cultural and Welfare Association. People who dare to dream. Indians and Greeks have a story to tell!

Greek Reports of India & Aryavarta - Fordham University


III.98: The way in which the Indians get the plentiful supply of gold which enables them to furnish year by year so vast an amount of gold-dust to the kind is the ...

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