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See also: Human genetic clustering ... Blue eyes with a brown spot, green eyes, and gray eyes are caused by an entirely ...

The green eye allele is dominant over blue and recessive to brown


Jun 19, 2009 ... We have green eyed identical twin girls. At birth their eyes were brilliant blue and they slowly changed to brilliant green. At 14 their eyes are still ...

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Jul 2, 2004 ... How did I get green eyes? I understand that blue is recessive and that in theory all children of two blue-eye parents should have blue eyes.

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One gene may be dominant, and override the other gene, which is recessive. ... My mother has green eyes, but all of her three siblings and her parents had blue  ...

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In simple terms in one gene the B allele confers brown eye color, and the recessive b allele gives blue eyes. In another gene G confers green or hazel eyes and ...

Green Eyes: Learn Why People Who Have Them Are So Unique ...


Many people want to know where green eyes come from. Ultimately, eye color is a function of genetics and is determined by two factors: (1) the pigmentation of ...

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Dec 8, 2011 ... One of the oldest myths in human genetics is that having blue eyes is ... Blue, gray, green and hazel eyes are only common in people of ...

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Oct 28, 2015 ... Genetics, Prevelance and Distribution of Green Eyes. Only 2% of the world's population have green eyes or 140 million people. Why?

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See also: All about eye color • Are green eyes the most attractive? ... and that brown eye color is dominant and blue is recessive (so you can't have blue eyes if  ...

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The B allele (brown) is always dominant over the G allele (green). The blue eye trait is always recessive. Refer to this chart showing the genotypes and ...

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Q: Why are green eyes a genetic mutation?
A: Eye color differences are largely due to "single nucleotide polymorphisms" which cause the genetic Read More »
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Q: Are green eyes a genetic mutation?
A: No. Blue eyes is lack (least amount) of expression of colour gene. Brown is expression of colour gene. Green is partial expression of this gene. Think of all th... Read More »
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Q: In general how do you get green eyes? Genetics. /. green eyes.
A: Hi Amanda, thanks for visiting me here at AllExperts. Here is some info from a great web site, "At one time scientists thought that a single gene pair, in a dom... Read More »
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Q: Is having green eyes a genetic disorder?
A: It certainly is not a disorder. It is merely a pretty characteristic. It is not even probable that it is a mutation. In the genetic lottery it is probable that ... Read More »
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Q: What is the genetic basis for green eyes?
A: The genetic basis for eye color is actually far more complex. The green allele is dominant to the blue allele on either chromosome. See link Read More »
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