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Dead zone (ecology)


The size and number of marine dead zones—areas where the deep water is so low in dissolved oxygen that sea creatures can't survive—have grown explosively in the past half-century. –...

Green plants are unable to live deep in the ocean because of what


the amount of light they get. ... Green plants are unable to live deep in the ocean because of what? Green ... Why are there no algae living in the deep ocean?

On land all plants appear green, where as ... - UCSB Science Line


As you know, green plants are absorbing pretty much all the non-green ... of the red light, so only blue and green light are able to reach the plants deep underwater. ... is found at depth and green algae is found at the ocean surface or in tide pools. ... A third possibility is that the green algae live primarily in fresh water, and i...

Puzzling Out The Tree Of Life Of Green Plants


"Knowing the tree of life is important because of its predictive value," said Brent ... The Green Plant Phylogeny Research Coordination Group, or Deep Green, ... Some plants, like the kingdom of red plants -- mostly seaweeds -- never left the ocean. ... became a symbiont -- essential to the host cell and unable to live withou...



Like plants, most algae use the energy of sunlight to make their own food, ... of algae are seaweeds that stretch 100 m (300 ft) from the ocean bottom to the water's surface. ... Algae called zooxanthellae live inside the cells of reef-building coral. .... may appear green because a smaller proportion of phycoerythrin is unable to ...

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A few nonplant autotrophic organisms live in the deep oceans near ... While green plants get the energy they need directly from sunlight, animals ... The body is unable, however, to make the remaining 8 amino acids it needs for protein production. These 8 amino acids are said to be essential because it is essential that they ...

New 'Intraterrestrial' Virus Found in Ocean Depths : Discovery News


Mar 31, 2015 ... A virus that inhabits the deep ocean infects methane-eating microorganisms. ... use green LEDs or LASERs to illuminate plants because the plants .... Whatever could live in that environment would be unable to survive in ours.

Photosynthesis: The Greenest Energy - Home Science Tools


In these plants only the green parts of the leaf can photosynthesize, because the ... All these busy plants around us, producing what we need to live, and they don't ... Plant one or two bean seeds 3/4-inch deep in some damp potting soil in the ... but did you know that at least half of the earth's oxygen comes from the oceans?

Animals | Causes of Color - Webexhibits


Pigments are chemical compounds responsible for color in a range of living substances ... The only way to achieve a deep rich blue was by using the semi- precious stone lapis ... Because the best sources of lapis lazuli were remote, the stone was ... Unlike plants, most animals are unable to make green and blue pigments.

bioluminescence - National Geographic Society


Jun 13, 2013 ... Bioluminescence is light emitted by living things through chemical reactions in ... The luciferase found in dinoflagellates is related to the green chemical chlorophyll found in plants. ... These colors are more easily visible in the deep ocean. ... They are physically unable to process yellow, red, or violet colors.

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Oceans Alive! | Life in the Sea | Life Near the Surface


The Living Sea Life Near the Surface ... Many live only near the sunlit surface. ... Red shows where phytoplankton is densest, followed by yellow, green, blue and ... The rooted plants in the ocean are only found in shallow water because there is ... man-of-war are examples of larger types of zooplankton which are unable to  ...

The Aquatic Biome


Aquatic regions house numerous species of plants and animals, both large and small. ... Without water, most life forms would be unable to sustain themselves and the Earth ... freshwater (i.e, ponds and rivers) and marine (i.e, oceans and estuaries). ... The vegetation and animals living in the littoral zone are food for other ...

Plankton: Ocean Drifters - Script - Oceanic Research Group


This wealth of marine life can only exist in such numbers because there is ... Phytoplankton means "plant plankton" and includes all kinds of drifting plants, like ... these tiny plants grow and multiply, turning the water green from their chlorophyll, and ... The warm surface water floats on top of the cold, dense deep water...