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Green plants are unable to live deep in the ocean because of what


Green plants are unable to live deep in the ocean because of what? Green ... there's no algae because the sunlight doesn't hit the deep ocean and plants need  ...

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No green plants are at the bottom of the ocean because the sun can't get down there to feed the ... Green plants are unable to live deep in the ocean because?

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Many live only near the sunlit surface. ... Red shows where phytoplankton is densest, followed by yellow, green, blue and ... The rooted plants in the ocean are only found in shallow water because ... For example, the jellyfish and the Portuguese man-of-war are examples of larger types of zooplankton which are unable to ...

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This wealth of marine life can only exist in such numbers because there is ... Phytoplankton means "plant plankton" and includes all kinds of drifting plants, like ... these tiny plants grow and multiply, turning the water green from their chlorophyll, and ... The warm surface water floats on top of the cold, dense deep water...

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Far fewer varieties of plants live in the deep ocean, compared to shallower waters ... can thrive in deeper ocean waters than many other forms of green seaweed. ... them for food can live at depths that would normally be unable to support life.

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As you know, green plants are absorbing pretty much all the non-green ... the red light, so only blue and green light are able to reach the plants deep underwater. ... is found at depth and green algae is found at the ocean surface or in tide pools. ... millions of years) an organism survives only because of pre-existing abilities.

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Like plants, most algae use the energy of sunlight to make their own food, ... of algae are seaweeds that stretch 100 m (300 ft) from the ocean bottom to the water's surface. ... Algae called zooxanthellae live inside the cells of reef-building coral. .... may appear green because a smaller proportion of phycoerythrin is unable to ...

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A: In the ocean, oxygen is produced as a byproduct of photosynthesis by phytoplankton .... Water is not a limiting factor because these organisms are immersed in it. ... The red, green and brown algae produce food by using photosynthesis just like land ... for plants to photosynthesize in the deep sea plants cannot live there.

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A few nonplant autotrophic organisms live in the deep oceans near ... While green plants get the energy they need directly from sunlight, animals ... The body is unable, however, to make the remaining 8 amino acids it needs for protein production. These 8 amino acids are said to be essential because it is essential that they ...

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Producers= green plants that use photosynthesis to make food. ... Dense fog: cold air collects in low spots and is unable to move out. ... The process of converting heat into energy is not very efficient because disorder tends to ... The organisms may live in mud, in caves, in hot-water vents of the deep ocean, or in salt flats.

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Q: Green plants are unable to live deep in the ocean because the?
A: light energy is not strong enough! <NovaNet. Read More »
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Q: Green plants are unable to live deep in the ocean because the?
A: light energy is nto strong enough! <--NNet Read More »
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Q: Why are Green plants unable to live in the ocean because?
A: A surfactant or surface active agent is a substance that, when dissolved in water, gives a product the ability to remove dirt from surfaces such as the human sk... Read More »
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Q: Why cant green plants live deep in the ocean?
A: because they need the sunlight Read More »
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Q: Green plants are unable to live deep in the ocean because of what...
A: the amount of light they get. Read More »
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