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Palmyra Atoll


Palmyra Atoll /pælˈmaɪrə/ is an unoccupied equatorial Northern Pacific atoll administered as .... Had the ship continued on her course at night, the ship might have been wrecked....

Green Turtle Bay - Home


Green Turtle Bay Resort is the premier resort and marina on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes in Western ... The Ship's Chandlery is the Resort's nautical store.

Green Turtle Bay - NautiNews Magazine


NautiNews Magazine. Green Turtle Bay Resort's favorite newsletter, the NautiNews is now available to download in PDF format. Keep informed and read about ...

February - US Department of Justice


Feb 12, 2014 ... Oil Company, Inc., et al. ... Turtle Part Sales/Lacey Act ... et al. Alligator Hunts/ Lacey Act. District of Utah. United States v. .... Gonzalez gave multiple false accounts of the M/V Cala Galdana and the M/V Cosette, ..... This case was investigated by the Deepwater Horizon Task Force, which included the FBI, the.

California Coastal Commission Meeting: October 2002


Public hearing and possible action on resolution regarding sea turtle protection in ... Signal Landmark, et al. v. CCC (Govt. Code § 11126(e)(2)(A)) Hinman v. ... and no new piles, at 1205 North Bay Front, Newport Beach, Orange County. ... of City of Huntington Beach granting permit with conditions to CIM/Huntington, Inc.,  ...

(Bufo marinus) Gain, Convergence, and Signal/Noise


393:667-680) the dim flashes produce 10-50-#V ... extracellular ganglion cell recordings (Copenhagen et al., 1987). ... neither from cones nor from the blue- sensitive green rods. ... The peak amplitude of a flash-evoked response per Rh* ( mV/Rh*), ... intensity-response functions were determined for 17 rods and 5 horizon-.

Oil Spills in Marshes: Planning and Response Considerations


Heavily oiled S. patens marsh during the T/V Julie N spill of an IFO 380 in Portland, ... Shoreline barriers used during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 3-8 ... The two zones of heavy oiling along the marshes in N. Barataria Bay, .... A: Green arrow arum (R.A. ... from lakes and rivers, surface runoff, or groundwater (Fretwell et al.

Navigation and seasonal migratory orientation in juvenile sea turtles ...


Juvenile loggerhead and green turtles that inhabit inshore waters of North Carolina, ... hatchling turtles have been studied extensively (reviewed by Lohmann et al., 1997; .... To minimize the possibility that the orientation of a turtle upon release might ... The V-test was not used in this case because the precise direction of the ...

Marine Turtle Newsletter No. 130 - Seaturtle.org


Status of Marine Turtles in Cuthbert Bay, Middle Andaman Islands. ... Green Turtle Mortality in the Galápagos Islands During the 2009 – 2010 Nesting Season . ... M Parra et al. ... Chelonia, Inc. Puerto Rico, USA .... their ability to navigate to nesting beaches (see Putman et al. ... Experiment 1: Overall performance of sonic vs.

Shrimp Letters Final Version.XLS - Louisiana Shrimp Association


Turtle Bayou LA 454BB. LA ... AL. Anderson, Jerry. Ocean Breeze, Inc., et al. TX. Anderson, John ..... m/v Sue. GA. Boone, Donald F. II m/v Dorothy E.; m/v Sher- Wan. GA. Boquet .... Green Wave, #1119142 ..... A.J. Horizon Inc. ... Thunder Bay.

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Green Turtle Bay - Ship's Chandlery


Welcome to our Ship's Chandlery, the Resort's nautical shopping experience! At our store you will find all sorts of great Green Turtle Bay logo'd apparel from tee ...

Antitrust Case Filings | ATR | Department of Justice


U.S. v. AIG Trading Corp.; BP Exploration & Oil, Inc.; and Cargill International, .... Arkansas Carpenters Health and Welfare Fund, et al. and Sol Lubin, et al. v. ... v. Bay Industries Inc. .... Luis M. Candelario and Thomas E. Vander Luitgaren .... ConAgra Foods Inc.; Horizon Milling, LLC; Cargill, Inc.; and CHS Inc. ..... Judy G...

Seasonal heterogeneity of ocean warming: a mortality sink for ...


Apr 5, 2016 ... As all extant sea turtle species, the loggerhead turtle has survived major climate ... N = 682) and mean body mass (Mb = 15.1 ± 1.1 g, range 11.2–20 g, ... In red: trends in observed SSTs in the study area; in green: monthly trends .... The mtDNA haplotype of the 2002 nest was determined by Carreras et al.