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The phrase "termination of parental rights" can be the most frightening words a parent can hear. Fears of losing a child to "the system" can push a parent to work  ...


... of parental rights. Termination of parental rights ends the legal parent-child. ... For more grounds for the termination of parental rights, see FindLaw's Checklist.


Discusses State laws that provide the legal basis for terminating the rights of parents who have been found unfit to parent their children.


grounds for termination of parental rights.9 All States recognize abandonment of a child as grounds for termination, while 12 States specifically include cases in.


Proceedings Regarding the Termination of Parental Rights of Certain Neglected Children. ... 16–2353. Grounds for termination of parent and child relationship.


Termination of parental rights can be ordered by the court in situations ... or sexual abuse, neglect, mental illness, or drug abuse are grounds for termination.


Jun 29, 2017 ... This is very rarely considered solid grounds to terminate parental rights. Do not file a petition under this grounds, as it will likely be denied.


Jan 30, 2015 ... Parental rights can be terminated by court order for the protection of the child or by ... Common grounds for terminating parental rights include:.


Termination of parental rights may be voluntary or involuntary. ... Neither ground is generally sufficient alone to constitute “good cause” and will not typically be ...