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I'm in a discussion with some folks about growing meth shards. ... You can not " grow meth" in a fish tank, nor does meth cooking use any of ...


Feb 4, 2009 ... Growing methamphetamine was reported as a safer “cooking” ... Respondents referred to this method as the “fish tank” or “cold cook” method.


Jul 18, 2006 ... Then the mixture is buried in a sealed fish tank or cooler. ...... He had a prominant business and turned it into a meth growing facility in his ...


Is it possible to crystallize(large crystals) meth which is derived from p2p by ... im talking about ice they say its grown with coal ammonia and bluing ... gets really hot fish tank hold al lthe ingredients in equal pats coal bluing ...

Aug 3, 2013 ... Fish tank dope. Mike Serra ... Inspired By Breaking Bad, Drug Dealers Are Dyeing Meth Blue - Duration: 2:26. ... Grow Epsom Salt Crystals!


Used to make "ice", not really meth. ... Then the mixture is buried in a sealed fish tank or cooler. ... By then crystals will have formed; the crystals are [meth] ice. ... It is a fungus that keeps growing inside your body long after you ingest it (by ...


how to make meth out of charcoal and gun blue. ... can get this hose at wal-mart its clear by the fish tanks and shit well any more ?'s just ask i been out of town is ...


Nov 6, 2007 ... Regarder la vidéo «How to Make Meth» envoyée par michael sur dailymotion.


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