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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes


Wal-Mart v. Dukes, 564 U.S. ___ (2011), was a United States Supreme Court case. The case ... name, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Petitioner v. Betty Dukes, et al.

WAL-MART STORES, INC. v. DUKES - Cornell University


See United States v. Detroit ... DUKES et al. ... because of Wal-Mart's alleged discrimination against women in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

A Population Genomics Perspective on the Emergence and ... - NCBI


Sep 27, 2012 ... V. dahliae is a predominantly asexual pathogen and the acquisition of this .... Gladieux P, Zhang X-G, RÓLdan-Ruiz I, Caffier V, Leroy T, et al.

Goal-directed Intraoperative Fluid Administration ... - Conmed

www.conmed.com/Patient Care PDF/Gan_Goal_directed_Intraoperative_Fluid_Administration.12.pdf

3 versus. 7. 3 days (mean. SD), with a median of 6 versus 7 days, respectively (P. 0.03). ... volume expansion, Sinclair et al.4 demonstrated signifi- ... Received from the Department of Anesthesiology, Duke University Medical. Center ..... Mark JB, Steinbrook RA, Gugino LD, Maddi R, Hartwell B, Shemin R, Disesa. V, Rida ...

Masimo - SedLine Brain Function Monitoring - Clinical Applications


Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC. Dr. David ... graph showing PSI vs RSS. "As this ... <sup>1</sup> Prichep LS, Gugino LD, John ER, et al. The Patient State ...

Tracheal suctioning improves gas exchange but not hemodynamics ...


Onset of ventilation was delayed in the suction group (146 ± 11 vs. 47 ± 3 s in .... PubMed. Fraser WD, Hofmeyr J, Lede R, et al.; Amnioinfusion Trial Group.

Shared Risk - ValpoScholar - Valparaiso University


The Potential Theories of Tortious Liability Against HMOs ... See, e.g., Dukes v. ... BARRY R. FURROW ET AL., HEALTH LAW 309 (1995) [hereinafter FURROW ...... Gugino v. Harvard Community Health Plan, 403 N.E.2d 1166, 1167-68 (Mass .

Approaches to Manual Ventilation - Respiratory Care


Jun 1, 2014 ... To ensure proper size, the clinician should place the airway against the side .... Komatsu et al examined a group of interns and determined that it .... MA RRT FAARC, Respiratory Care Services, Duke University Hospital, ..... Mallampati SR,; Gatt SP,; Gugino LD,; Desai SP,; Waraksa B,; Freiberger D,; Liu PL.

preferences are public rights - Wisconsin Law Review


from bankruptcy law and necessary to resolve claims against the estate. Accordingly, and .... Adam Lewis et al., Stern v. Marshall: A ... DUKE L.J. 197, 198 –99. 12. ..... creditor had filed a claim against the estate); Gugino v. Canyon Cnty.

Ipsilateral motor cortex activation on functional magnetic resonance ...


primary motor cortex (Kim et al., 1993; Beltramello et al.,. 1998). Performing .... ( Gugino et al., 2001) with anatomical and functional infor- .... (left versus right, F(1, 8). 1.23, P ..... Development award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foun- dation.

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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes, et al. - Justia US Supreme Court Center


Respondents, current or former employees of petitioner Wal-Mart, sought judgment against the company for injunctive and declaratory relief, punitive damages, ...

Predicting Disease Severity of Necrotizing Enterocolitis: How to ...


[21,22] There are no data from randomized trials of formula milk versus maternal breast .... [74] The seminal paper by Bell et al., used a combination of radiographic and bedside ... This scale was termed the Duke abdominal assessment scale (DAAS). ..... Nair J, Gugino SF, Nielsen LC, Allen C, Russell JA , Mathew B, et al.

Neonatal resuscitation adhering to oxygen saturation guidelines in ...


Perlman JM, Wyllie J, Kattwinkel J, et al.; Neonatal Resuscitation Chapter Collaborators. Part 11: .... Lakshminrusimha S, Swartz DD, Gugino SF, et al. Oxygen ... Resuscitation of preterm neonates with limited versus high oxygen strategy. ... Faculty Position for Research Director of the Animal BSL3 Facility at Duke-NUS.