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How to Care for a Pregnant Guinea Pig (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Jun 17, 2015 ... How to Care for a Pregnant Guinea Pig. Pregnancy is hard work for a female guinea pig. She may carry several pups, between 1 and 6, and ...

Guinea Lynx :: Breeding


Guinea pig sows are at risk of pregnancy complications because the babies are born large and ready to run. Breeding after 8 months of age can be fatal for a ...

Stages of Guinea Pig Pregnancy | Animals - mom.me


If your guinea pig does get pregnant, though, the stages of her pregnancy are relatively predictable and consistent, so you always can know what to expect from ...

Pet Guinea Pig Breeding, Sexing, Pregnancy, Birth & Babies


Breeding & Mating Guinea pigs reach sexual maturity at around 10 weeks of age. When the female is receptive she may mount others in the cage.

Guinea Pig Pregnancy Guinea Pig Reproductive Problems


Gives The Causes And Treatment Of Guinea Pig Reproductive Diseases.

www.ask.com/youtube?q=Guinea Pig Pregnancies&v=Nezb8_HEDaE
Apr 17, 2012 ... This video is about the week by week progress of your Guinea Pig's pregnancy, along with links to more helpful information and support about ...
www.ask.com/youtube?q=Guinea Pig Pregnancies&v=l9vY0o8Anos
Jul 6, 2014 ... Are you wondering if your guinea pig is pregnant? If so then this video will help answer all of your questions.

Caring for pets when you're pregnant | March of Dimes


If you're pregnant, it's important to prepare your pets for your baby's arrival. ... Are hamsters, guinea pigs and mice safe pets to have when you're pregnant?

Pregnant Guinea Pig FAQ | Petcha


By Shannon Cauthen. Q. I recently adopted two guinea pigs. I was told the first one was a female (by a so-called breeder who happened to work at the local pet  ...

Guinea Pig Pregnancy Questions | Petcha


An unspayed, female guinea pig who has been with unneutered male guinea pigs and is gaining weight might be pregnant, or she might have a medical issue.

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I think my guinea pig might be pregnant, what should I do? - RSPCA ...


Aug 12, 2014 ... The best thing is to take your guinea pig to your vet for a pregnancy diagnosis. They can diagnose a pregnancy in various ways depending on ...

All Things Guinea Pig: Breeding Info


In fact, after taking into consideration the risks faced by a pregnant guinea pig, even in the hands of someone with experience, non-breeding girls will likely live  ...

Separating a Pregnant Guinea Pig From Others | Animals - mom.me


If you have a pregnant guinea pig, you should take special care to ensure she gets the nutrition and support she needs to deliver her pups safely. In most cases  ...