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High-definition macromolecular composition of yeast RNA ... - NCBI


Krogan NJ(1), Peng WT, Cagney G, Robinson MD, Haw R, Zhong G, Guo X, Zhang X, Canadien V, Richards DP, Beattie BK, Lalev A, Zhang W, Davierwala AP, ...

Rapid blood-pressure lowering in patients with acute intracerebral ...


May 29, 2013 ... ... Huang Y, Wang J, Stapf C, Delcourt C, Lindley R, Robinson T, Lavados P, ... Stapf C, Vicaut E, Chamam A, Viaud MC, Dert C, Fiedler U, Jovis V, Kabla S, ... Li L, Li Z, Xu X, Wang F, Wu L, Guo X, Lian Y, Sun H, Liu D, Wang N, Tang Q, ... Thortveit ET, Pettersen S, Holand N, Hitland B, Johnsen SH, Eltoft A, ...

Isolation and characterization of a Vitis vinifera transcription factor ...


Apr 24, 2007 ... During the 2000 growing season, grape berries from V. vinifera L. cv. ... Cabernet Sauvignon veraison stage; Deluc et al., 2006) by PCR screening ..... 2001; Robatzek and Somssich, 2001; Chen et al., 2002; Guo et al., 2004). ... 1997; Tattersall et al., 1997; Salzman et al., 1998; Davies and Robinson, 2000).

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Am J Hum Genet., 94 (2): 278-87; PN Robinson et al. (2014) Improved ... Stud Health Technol Inform., 192: 961; V Heinrich et al. (2013) ... Genome Med., 5 (7): 69; G Guo, C Rödelsperger, M Digweed, PN Robinson (2013) Regulation of ...

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Babbedge, T.S.R., Rowan-Robinson, M., Vaccari, M. et al. 2006. ... Buat, V., Iglesias-Páramo, J., Seibert, M. et al. ...... Vanzella, E., Guo, Y., Giavalisco, M. et al .

Chromosomal Loop Domains Direct the Recombination of Antigen ...


Oct 22, 2015 ... CTCF-binding elements mediate control of V(D)J recombination. .... Lajoie, B.R., Bell, J.S.K., Ong, C.-T., Hookway, T.A., Guo, C., Sun, Y. et al. ... N.C., Stamenova, E.K., Bochkov, I.D., Robinson, J.T., Sanborn, A.L., Machol, I., ...



Jul 9, 2014 ... Frank, H. and Guo, H. Sociobudgeting in the Florida Gold Coast. ... Financing Infrastructure: Fixed Price v. ... Willoughby, K.G., Guo, H. et. al.

Characterization of the Arabidopsis metallothionein gene family ...


Woei-Jiun Guo, ... Metallothioneins from plants and fungi, as well as invertebrate animals, are grouped in Class II (Robinson et al., 1993). ... Because plant MTs efficiently bind metals (Kille et al., 1991; Evans et al., 1992; Murphy et al., ..... 5d,f,j ,l,v,x); MT2b::GUS expression increased in the phloem in response to Cu (Fig.

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Aug 3, 2005 ... Robinson, V S.; Fisher, Timothy; Michel, J. A.; and Lukehart, C. M., "Work function reduction ... Rodriguez et al.12 have shown that the structural form of the .... Javey, R. Tu, D. B. Farmer, J. Guo, R. G. Gordon, and H. Dai, Nano.

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... et al. 2012;. 57 see also Guo and Symstad 2008), likely further contributing to the contradictory findings. 58 .... experimental studies (e.g., Case 1990, Robinson et al. 1995, Drake et al. ... Contribution of species richness vs. dominance. 121.

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Global landscape of protein complexes in the yeast Saccharomyces ...


Mar 22, 2006 ... Krogan NJ(1), Cagney G, Yu H, Zhong G, Guo X, Ignatchenko A, Li J, Pu S, ... Zhang X, Davey M, Robinson MD, Paccanaro A, Bray JE, Sheung A, Beattie B, Richards DP, Canadien V, Lalev A, Mena F, Wong P, Starostine A, ...

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Nov 5, 2015 ... The plaintiff, Hui Guo Chen. (Chen) ... addition[al] help to resolve” tube-system problems. .... 23:301 et seq. ... 2015) (quoting Robinson v. Orient.

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Nov 12, 2015 ... Opinion for United States v. ... Miao et al. ... Defendants-Appellants Guo Qin Miao, Vanessa Bandrich, Yuchang Miao, and Rui .... Robinson,