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Gutierrez et al v. Lin et al :: Hawaii District Court :: Case No. 1:12-cv ...


Case no. 1:12-cv-00372 in the Hawaii District Court.

National, regional, and global trends in body-mass index since 1980 ...


Feb 3, 2011 ... ... GA, Cowan MJ, Danaei G, Lin JK, Paciorek CJ, Singh GM, Gutierrez HR, Lu Y, ... Rahim HF, Addo J, Ali MM, Al-Nsour M, Ambady R, Aro P, Babu BV, ... Miccoli R, Miettola J, Miranda JJ, Mohamed MK, Mohan V, Mohanna S, ...

Neural Ensemble Recordings from Central Gustatory-Reward ...


2006; Fontanini and Katz 2006; Gutierrez, Carmena et al. .... for the oral and upper digestive mucosa, as does the trigeminal (V) cranial nerve (Matsumoto, Emori et al. .... Indeed this has been shown to be possible in rats (Nicolelis, Lin et al.

Systems analysis of transcriptome data provides new hypotheses ...


Feb 7, 2014 ... ... sets of regulated genes (e.g., Gutiérrez et al., 2007b; Bhargava et al., 2013). ... AT1G68670 is a direct target of SHORT ROOT (SHR) (Cui et al., ... This difference in the percentage of shared genes vs. .... The reduction of mRNA levels of AtEXPA7 significantly affects root hair length (Lin et al., 2011a,b).

Preclinical testing of Peruvian anti-bothropic anti-venom against ...


The hemorrhagic activity was assayed as described in Kondo et al. ... activity was measured with dimethylcasein (Sigma) as described in Lin et al. ... activity of B. andianus venom by PABA was conducted as described by Gutierrez et al. .... Rojas et al., 2005; E. Rojas, L. Quesada, V. Arce, B. Lomonte, G. Rojas, J.M. Gutierrez.

Philippine Jurisprudence - May 1970 - The Lawphil Project



WHO | WHO and related publications


Gore F, Bloem P, Patton G, Ferguson J, Joseph V, Coffey C, Sawyer S, Mathers C (2011). ... Danaei, G. F., Finucane MM, Lin JK Singh GM, Paciorek CJ Cowan MJ, ... Cowan MJ, Danaei, G. F., Lin JK, Paciorek CJ, Singh GM, Gutierrez HR, Lu, ...

In guinea pig sperm, aldolase A forms a complex with actin, WAS ...


motility during maturation (Lin et al. 2002). ... is impaired upon blockade of actin polymerization (Sánchez-Gutiérrez et al. ... V-ATPase, without modification of its enzymatic activity, ... fibrous sheath of mouse and human sperm (Krisfalusi et al.

Evolution of C4 Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase in Grasses ...


tomical and biochemical characteristics (Gutierrez et al. 1974 ... 1987; Lin et al. 1993; Wingler ..... the topology inferred from introns and third positions (M1a vs.

Oncogene - Epidemiology and genetics of childhood cancer - Nature


In lower-incidence populations such as India (Rajalekshmy et al., 1994) and ... chromosome 8 varies geographically (Shiramizu et al., 1991; Gutiérrez et al., 1992). ..... acetylator mutations are also more frequent in East Asians (Lin et al., 1994). ..... Alberman E, Beral V, Swerdlow AJ and for the Collaborative Study Group of .....

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