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Members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen. ... Harry Sylvester, Representative for the Department of Public Works; William Ramsey, ... year terms, plus the Police Chief (Chairman), Fire Chief, Town Planner and DPW Superintendent.


ART 4 Officers, Boards and Committees - General ... 5 Police authority to direct public way traffic .... any annual town meeting, the Selectmen shall cause a copy of the warrant and a .... their handicap(s) in its employment practices. ..... fire chief and the superintendent of the department of public works may be removed by.


Plaintiff Nicholas G. Belezos, individually and on behalf of himself and a class of all other .... The Town of Hingham Department of Public Works (“DPW”) is a ... Harry Sylvester (hereinafter “Supt. Sylvester”) is the Superintendent of the ... daily management of the DPW, and serves on the Traffic Committee of the Board of.