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... Maciej Haranczyk, Karson T. Leperi, Peng Li, Hongda Zhang, Timothy C. Wang et al. .... D. Yang, V. Bernales, T. Islamoglu, O.K. Farha, J.T. Hupp, C.J. Cramer, ...


Youngjin Kim, Frederik W.M. Vanhelmont, Charlotte L. Stern, Joseph T. Hupp *. Department of ... Y. Kim et al. .... 1000 V was applied over the 0.46 mm gap.


May 2, 2012 ... ... E may also protect against MeHg toxicity (Chang et al., 1978; Welsh, 1979). ... and 20% of oral MeHg LD50 in the rat according to Hoskins and Hupp (1978). ..... (v) centers of ischium bone in different treated groups (Barr = 1 mm). ... Aliverti et al., 1979; Ariyuki et al., 1982; Danielson and Kihlstrom, 1986).


Dec 2, 2015 ... Michael Gasbar et al, 4551 Mission Creek Road, Cashmere, .... Ronald G. Hupp, 135 Heather Lane, Wenatchee, $365,000, sold to Mark C. and ... Daniel V. Morrow, 23410 Lake Wenatchee Highway and Property ID .... Sandra M. Guidotti, 210 N. Douglas St., Cashmere, $187,500, sold to Kay Danielson.


Jul 7, 2014 ... Rachel Danielson and Justin Nunneley, Lexington, boy. Brianna and Barak ... American Founders Loan Corporation, et al. vs. Quantum Metal ...


Electron-transfer (ET) reactions in different media are among the most important ... by Larsson and by Newton et al.; Larsson's calculations were on the extended ... V.; Ratner, M. A. Int. J. Quantum Chem. Symp. 1987 .... Danielson, E.; Lumpkin, .... Weaver, Hupp, and. Meyer et have examined effects of the solvent on ET, and.


Oct 6, 2009 ... by Viles (1988, 1990), Thornes (1990a,b), Hupp et al. (1995), and Collins et al. ..... predisturbance vegetation community, and tf,v is the recurrence interval of ..... Dunning, J.B., Danielson, B.J., Pulliam, H.R., 1992. Ecological ...


anaerobic soils (Pinay et al., 1995; Haycock et al., 1997; Sabater et al., 2003). ... accumulate finer-grained sediments (Hupp and Morris, 1990;. Mitsch and ...


Jodi L. Hupp ..... and avoid arguments if at all possible (Rancer et al., 1985). .... of verbal aggressiveness than females (Infante, Wall, Leap, & Danielson, 1984; ...