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Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors vs ...


Apr 9, 2014 ... June-Koo Lee, MD <sup>1</sup>; Seokyung Hahn, PhD <sup>2,3</sup>; Dong-Wan Kim, MD, PhD <sup>1,4</sup> ...... Sun JM, Lee KH, Kim SW, et al; Korean Cancer Study Group.

Novel and Functional Norepinephrine Transporter Protein Variants ...


Aug 19, 2009 ... The Kiddie-SADS-Present and Lifetime Version (Kaufman et al., 1997) was ... Adult autonomic function tests were performed at the Elliot V. Newman ... NET, pcDNA3-hNET, described previously (Hahn et al., 2005), was used in the ..... to the NET blocker nortriptyline in depressed patients (Kim et al., 2006b).

Gene Regulation Ontology (GRO): design principles and use cases.


Beisswanger E(1), Lee V, Kim JJ, Rebholz-Schuhmann D, Splendiani A, Dameron O, Schulz S, Hahn U. Author information: (1)Jena University Language and ...

Telomeres, aging and cancer: In search of a happy ending - Nature


... in order to survive (Kim et al., 1994; Hahn et al., 1999a; Dunham et al., 2000). ... of aging phenotypes in certain tissues (Funk et al., 2000; Gonzalez-Suarez et ...

A Critical Role for Transcription Factor Smad4 in T Cell Function that ...


Jan 8, 2015 ... It suppresses T cell proliferation and effector T cell function (Li et al., 2006b), ... cancer but not autoimmunity (Hahn et al., 2011 and Kim et al., 2006). ..... as Annexin V and 7-amino-actinomycin D (BD Biosciences) were used.

Integrative Genomic Approaches Identify IKBKE as a Breast Cancer ...


Jun 14, 2007 ... Recent work indicates that a limited set of genetic changes suffice to transform human cells (Hahn et al., 1999). Specifically, the coexpression of ...

Making sense of cancer genomic data - Genes & Development


2008), and tumor suppressor genes in leukemias (Mullighan et al. 2007 .... 1986; Hahn et al. .... It should be noted that most of these algorithms are built using the prevalence and shape (e.g., focal and high amplitude vs. flat and broad) of a ..... along with human cancer genome data to identify novel cancer genes (Kim et al.

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Feb 26, 2007 ... and Jeju Island [G. Kim et al., 2003], have shown that a significant portion of ... in the eastern basin [Hahn et al., 1997]. For that reason, the.

PLOS Biology: Lineage-Specific Gene Duplication and Loss in ...


Citation: Fortna A, Kim Y, MacLaren E, Marshall K, Hahn G, Meltesen L, et al. ..... the ancestral Chromosome V (Chromosome 5 in human, Chromosome 4 in the ...

Revised annotations, sex-biased expression, and lineage ... - arXiv.org


Sex-biased genes are often rapidly evolving Ranz et al. .... 2009, Kim et al. ... expression from cufflinks for comparisons of female carcass vs. female ovaries and ..... Hahn, M. W., M. V. Han, and S. G. Han, 2007 Gene family evolution across 12.

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Epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors vs - NCBI


Apr 9, 2014 ... Epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors vs ... Lee JK(1), Hahn S(2), Kim DW(3), Suh KJ(1), Keam B(3), Kim TM(3), Lee SH(3) ...

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Wilson, F. H., Johannessen, C. M., Piccioni, F., Tamayo, P., Kim, J. W., Van Allen, E. M. ... V., Lin, L., Sholl, L. M., Hahn, W. C., Meyerson, M., Lindeman, N. I., et al.

Inhibition of telomerase limits the growth of human cancer cells ...


William C. Hahn1, 2, 3, 6, Sheila A. Stewart<sup>1, 6</sup>, Mary W. Brooks<sup>1</sup>, Shoshana G. .... 36M (a) or GM847 (b) single-cell clones expressing a drug resistance marker alone (V), ..... Chin, L. et al. p53 deficiency rescues the adverse effects of telomere loss and ... Kim, N.W. & Wu, F. Advances in quantification and characterization of ...