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(Alam et al., 2008a, Alam et al., 2008b, Saha et al., 2008.), in this ... solution ( 0.004% w/v) was prepared in 95% methanol. .... Aruoma OI and Halliwell B (1987 ).

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Aug 18, 2014 ... ... FeCl3 (1:1 v/v), 100µl 1.0mM H2O2 and 100 µl 1.0mm ascorbic acid ,was ... Stock solutions of EDTA (1 mM), FeCl3 (10 mM), Ascorbic Acid (1 ... Hydroxyl radical scavenging assay can be performed by Klein et al and Halliwell methods. ... was measured according to the modified method of Halliwell et al.

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May 20, 2004 ... (1999), Halliwell & Gutteridge (1999) and Khan et al. ... free radical, TAM OX063, as a probe for the detection of O2<sup>•−</sup> in aqueous solution. ...... Chromium (V), pyocyanin, mitoxantrone and ametantrone can directly oxidize ...

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Most Fe<sup>2+</sup> was precipitated from solution, leaving sea and river waters today ..... its radical properties explain many of its biological actions (Halliwell et al., 1999). ..... Curr Opin Plant Biol 7: 441–448 [PubMed]; Niviere V, Fontecave M (2004) ...

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The extracts of S. obovatum and V. ... obovatum e V. phosphorea demonstraram maiores teores de fenóis, indicando que esse grupo ... 2005; Halliwell et al., 1999; Halliwell et al., 1992). ... 1 mL of an ethanol solution of DPPH (0.3 mM). After.

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Feb 23, 2016 ... This causes the appearance of various complications (Maritim et al., 2003). ... This solution was added with 30 μl of NaNO2 5% (w/v) and allowed to ... the hyroxyl radicals generated by Fenton reaction (Halliwell et al., 1987).

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Then, the solution which contains 15 μg/mL concentration of tannic acid .... <sup>+</sup> radical scavenging activity was determined according to method of Re et al ..... Fe <sup>2+</sup> ion is the most powerful pro-oxidant among the various species of metal ions ( Halliwell and Gutteridge, 1984). ..... Gülçin, V. Mshvildadze, A. Gepdiremen, R. Elias.

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et al., 1983; St. Angelo, 1992; Wurtzen, 1990; Aruoma et al., 1992; Kahl and .... v/ v CCq and 50% v/v isopropyl alcohol in 10 mM KHzPO4-. KOH pH 7.4 and 0.05% w/v of ... (dissolved in minimum potassium hydroxide solution), 0.1 mL of 0.3 mM EDTA, ..... deoxyribose were measured as described in Halliwell et al. (1987).

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ONOO<sup>−</sup> was synthesized as previously described (Beckman et al., 1994). Five ml of an acidic solution (0.6 M HCl) of H2O2 (0.7 M) were briefly mixed with 5 ml of ... using the Fe<sup>3+</sup>-EDTA-H2O2 system (Halliwell et al., 1987; Floriano-Sánchez et al ., 2006). ... and the supernatants were diluted 1:5 (v/v) for KYNA determination.

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JAMES V. HALLIWELL, TIM D. PLANT, JON ROBBINS and. NICK B. STANDEN ... was first developed by Cole (1949) and Hodgkin et al. (1952) for use with ..... Thus the cell is clamped between two pools of solution, one in contact with the cell ...

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Jan 21, 2014 ... ... was measured according to the modified method of Halliwell et al. ... Prior to assay, this solution was diluted in ethanol (about 1.89 v/v) and ...

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Sep 3, 2015 ... Total plate counts of the VAL extract-treated samples and V-treated samples ... It was reported that mistletoe contains lectins (Franz et al., 1981), alkaloids ... Briefly, a 100 mL solution of VAL extract (1 mg/mL) in ethanol was mixed ... using the deoxyribose method (Halliwell, 1996) with a slight modification.

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Jun 26, 2013 ... 1992; Gutteridge and Halliwell 1994). ... According to Zhong-Ji Qian et al., the methanol extracts of seahorse contained high amount of ... When a solution of DPPH is mixed with that of a substance that can donate a hydrogen atom, ... The ratio of FEV1 to FVC (v/v) after treatment with BRONAS was 94%.