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Halo 4 the next AAA game to have microtransactions? - GameZone


Apr 8, 2013 ... Halo 4 could be the next AAA game to introduce microtransactions. Executive producer Dan Ayoub told Digital Spy that the company is "look...

Does Halo 5 Make Mictrotransactions in AAA Games Acceptable?


Jun 19, 2015 ... "Banner for the Halo 5: Guardians" multiplayer beta. ... Microtransactions have long been a popular and accepted ... A handful of games have been successful implementing microtransactions, however, and the upcoming Halo ...

Gamasutra - Future is bright for AAA games, says Epic's Sweeney


Nov 13, 2012 ... High-budget, high production games and technologies have a bright ... He said Samaritan was a good proof-of-concept for the upcoming .... If Halo 4 doesn't massively outsell it's predecessors it is still a worse ..... The microtransaction bubble pulled 87% of all investment resources last year away from AAA.

Titantransactions – The Jimquisition


Dec 16, 2016 ... Before free-to-play games popularized the term, small payments for downloadable ... I think most of us can look at Titanfall 2's DLC as microtransactions on an .... (Halo 5 REQ, CoD Points, Deus Ex whatever it was called) ..... place, but for a AAA game, you can't keep expecting them to make these high-cost ...

Tell Us Dammit: AAA Microtransactions | Kotaku Australia


Aug 25, 2016 ... But time and time again, gamers have shown that they're happy to... ... What Bugged Me About Halo Wars 2 .... As for AAA games that already have an up front cost..nope, never. ..... any time now, maybe in the next loot pack/box/ etc. just one more, you have already spent $50, what's a few more bucks.

Halo 5 Dev Defends Game's Microtransactions - GameSpot


Oct 12, 2015 ... Like many other AAA games today, Halo 5: Guardians will offer optional microtransactions for players looking to speed up their progress.

Beware Of $60 Fee-To-Play Games With Microtransactions ...


I also found it highly disturbing that there are more advertisements in some AAA games for microtransactions than there are in free-to-play games. For instance ...

Micro transactions.....why? | Gears of War 4 | Forums | Gears of ...


DLC is one thing....but micro transactions? C'mon ... I never buy anything in game , I'll settle for what I get when I purchase it, anything more through micro .... If GTA 5 was rockstars first game I'd buy their next outing in a heartbeat. ... I love Halo, but they fcuked up halo 4 so much, why would I want to get 5?

Don't blame 343 for microtransactions | Halo Wars 2 | Forums ...


Seems the micro transactions is for the new Blitz game type and probably ... Never paid for REQS and I have every weapon and vehicles. ..... This is why massive AAA games don't innovate much and why the devs can be ...

Gaming Gears of War 4's Microtransactions Are ... - TechRaptor


Oct 18, 2016 ... Gears of War 4's Microtransactions Are Terrible, but Does it Really Matter? ... With many AAA games featuring some kind of microtransactions these days, ... that one guy who will spend more than the next 20 people combined. .... Halo 5 also gives out free REQ packs with each XP level you gain, as well as ...