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When an eye becomes infected it will ooze a yellow or green colored pus from the ... When you spot that your hamster has an eye infection you will need to take  ...

Sticky eye hamster - Hammys World


The hamsters closed eye can be wiped with a small piece of cotton wool ... green or yellow pus your hamster may have an eye infection known as conjunctivitis.

EYE INFECTIONS | Advice + Home Remedy - YouTube


Mar 27, 2014 ... EYE INFECTIONS | Advice + Home Remedy ..... My hamster when it wakes up one eye is closed shut but in a while it opens a little and little ...

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Sometimes referred to as “pink eye,” conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the eye's outermost layer. This may be the result of an injury, overgrown or diseased ...

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If a hamster has recurring problems with runny, sticky or swollen eyes or the eye appears cloudy the hamster may have conjunctivitis or an eye infection and ...

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Jul 1, 2015 ... Examine your hamster for pink eye. Animals can also contract conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye. The condition is usually not harmful ...

Hamster Eye Problems: Sticky, Crusty, Scratch, Pink Eye, Blind


Pink Eye/ Conjunctivitis: There are several types of hamster pink eye and those include: viral and bacterial. The viral type will be accompanied by a respiratory ...

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Conjunctivitis (Back to Top) A hamster may start to squint in one or both eyes as a result of an infection of the lining of the eyelids ...

Russian Dwarf Hamster Eye Problems – Sticky Eye


Apr 3, 2014 ... Eye infections and cheek infections can cause pain, weight loss and death. It is always advised that you take your hamster to the vet if you think ...

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Hamster pink eye can be caused by several things, including viruses, bacterium, fungi or external irritants. In rare cases, conjunctivitis can stem from a severe ...

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Q: Treatment for a hamsters eye infection?
A: treatment for an eye infection is of course medicine go to the vet oe the pet store. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: How to Heal a Hamster's Eye Infection?
A: It's not quite the same to look at your hamster and see crusty, gooey eyes staring back at you. Fortunately, if your tiny pet has an eye infection, you can help... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com
Q: How to Heal a Hamster's Eye Infection?
A: 1. Boil water to distill it. Mix half a teaspoon of boric acid powder into half a cup of the sterile water. Be sure the water has cooled to room temperature bef... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com
Q: Is my hamsters eye infected?
A: He needs medical attention. Leave it, and it will progressively get worse. Why are you holding him within reach of a cat? I've managed to keep hamsters away fro... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: My hamsters eye infection?
A: how old is your hamster? mine had the same problem and he was 3 (very old) i just got a clothe and wiped the crust around his eye it helped but he went blind an... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com