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Hamster Eye Problems: Sticky, Crusty, Scratch, Pink Eye, Blind


There's many hamster eye problems that affect hamster health, including eyes/ lids that are: sticky, crusty, mucus-filled, scratched, pink eye, blind or lost.

How to Help a Hamster With Sticky Eye: 10 Steps


Jul 1, 2015 ... When hamsters sleep, their eyes secrete fluid to keep the eyeball moist. ... .org/ how-to-take-care-of-a-hamster/illnesses/eye-problems/ ...

Protrusion of Eyeball (Eye Bulging) in Hamsters | petMD


Typically it occurs due to an infection of the eye or a trauma, though it may also happen if the hamster is restrained too tightly from the back of the neck.

Eye Problems in Hamsters - Exotic Pets - About.com


Learn all about your hamster's sensitive eyes and the diseases that can be associated with them.

Disorders and Diseases of Hamsters: Hamsters: The Merck Manual ...


Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is an inflammation of the eye or swelling ... of the eyeball from the socket is common in hamsters.

A-Z Guide on Common Hamster Ailments and Illnesses - Ailments ...


(Put together by rascal of Hamsterific and missPixy) .... Related problems: Conjunctivtis (Reddish or pinkish colour on eye not present ...

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Mar 27, 2014 ... My hamster cant open either of her eyes and her body is all swollen. .... what if my hamsters eye is half closed but doesnt have crust around it.

hamsters | Eye Infections


Problems & Illnesses ... When you spot that your hamster has an eye infection you will need to take immediate action, below is a step by step guide of how to ...

Why are my hamster's eyes stuck shut? | Reference.com


Sticky eyes occur when a hamster sleeps for a long time and the natural lubrication of his ... Sticky eyes can also be caused by a small piece of debris. ... Hamster Eye Problems · My Hamsters Eyes Won't Open · Swollen Hamster Eye · Hamster ...

Signs Of Illness In Hamsters And Possible Causes - Small Animals


Jan 11, 2012 ... What could it mean if your hamster has trouble breathing, suffers hair loss, ... that the following table is not a comprehensive list of medical problems that occur in hamsters, ... Eye, bulging (Exophthalmos), Abscess (periorbital)

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Eye Problems In Hamsters - Pet Web Site


There are times when a hamster may experience sticky eyes, cloudy eyes or other eye problems and this guide details some of the eye problems hamsters may ...

Sticky eye hamster - Hammys World


A hamster with a sticky eye, or both eye's. This is a common condition with hamsters and a problem that can have many causes, particularly as he ages.

Russian Dwarf Hamster Eye Problems – Sticky Eye


Apr 3, 2014 ... When a Russian Dwarf Hamster has eye problems it can be very upsetting to see . Especially if they are struggling to see. There are a few ...