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Hanging is the suspension of a person by a noose or ligature around the neck. The Oxford English Dictionary states that hanging in this sense is "specifically to ...

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Death by hanging can be one of the fastest and most painless methods of execution. Read about death by hanging and find out how death by hanging works.

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Hang definition, to fasten or attach (a thing) so that it is supported only from above or at a point near its own top; suspend. See more.

Feb 22, 2015 ... Hanging Scene. John Worland ... Hunchback, Esmeralda/Salma Hayek Going To Her Hanging Execution - Duration: 4:45. TV News Ladies ...
Apr 10, 2012 ... From the movie "Changeling", from what I can tell a.

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A method of execution whereby the person is dropped and suspended from a rope around the neck, resulting in death from severing of the spinal cord, ...

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To fasten from above with no support from below; suspend: hung the hat on a peg. 2. To suspend or fasten so as to allow free movement at or about the point of  ...

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Usually beacause of the amount of alcohol you have consumed. "Im hanging this morning". #hangover #feel like shit #rough #morning after the night before # ...

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hanging - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions.

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hang (third-person singular simple present hangs, present participle hanging, simple past and past participle hung or (archaic, legal) hanged). (intransitive) To  ...

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Hanging definition, the act, an instance, or the form of capital punishment carried out by suspending one by the neck from a gallows, gibbet, or the like, until dead ...

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Hanging Until the 1890s, hanging was the primary method of execution used in the United States. Hanging is still used in Delaware and Washington, although ...

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to attach or place something so that it is held up without support from below. : to decorate (a surface) by hanging something (such as a picture) on it.