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The neurodegeneration in Alzheimer disease and the prion protein


Jan 1, 2013 ... As described in the review by Benilova et al. (2012), to the ..... Hardy J. The amyloid hypothesis for Alzheimer's disease: a critical reappraisal.

Management of elderly patients


Feb 19, 2013 ... (54), and median age was 65 years in the study by Rosell et al. (53). .... Hardy C, Wallace C, Khansur T, et al. Nutrition ... Balducci L. Management of cancer in the elderly. ... Yonnet S, Gazaille V, Grasset-Dupuy M, et al.

Moffitt Cancer Center: Lodovico Balducci


In addition, Dr. Balducci has been involved in cooperative trials involving ... Balducci L. Treatment of Breast Cancer in Women Older Than 80 Years Is a Complex ...

Is PrPC a Mediator of Aβ Toxicity in Alzheimer's Disease?


Sep 8, 2010 ... Thus, the central hypothesis proposed by Gimbel et al. ... Balducci C,; Beeg M,; Stravalaci M,; Bastone A,; Sclip A,; Biasini E, ... Carlson GA,; Borchelt DR,; Dake A,; Turner S,; Danielson V,; Coffin JD, ... Hardy J,; Selkoe DJ.

Is PrP a Mediator of AßToxicity in Alzheimer's Disease?


Sep 8, 2010 ... Review of Gimbel et al. The amyloid ... toxic Aß42 form (for review, see Hardy and Selkoe, 2002). .... pendent of PrPC (Balducci et al., 2010). The age of the mice and ... Danielson V, Coffin JD, Eckman C, Meiners J,. Nilsen SP ...

Management of Cancer in the Older Person: A Practical Approach


Lodovico Balducci, M.D., Senior Adult Oncology Program, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and .... Rudd et al. reported cisplatin-induced DNA adducts were cleared from circulating monocytes in 24 h ..... Balducci L, Hardy CL, Lyman GH. ... with advanced diffuse non-Hodgkin's lymphoma using CHOP vs CNOP chemotherapy .

Balducci LNew paradigms for treating elderly patients with cancer ...


Official Full-Text Publication: Balducci LNew paradigms for treating elderly patients ... Bertini M, Freilone R, Vitolo U, et al. .... Balducci L, Hardy CL, Lyman GH.

Genetic susceptibility in Parkinson's disease - ScienceDirect.com


Toft et al. [38] published a report on the screening of two variants in GBA in ... was surprisingly high when compared to estimates in white individuals (1.7% vs 0.6% ). ... and lysosomal enzymes in general, comes from the report of Balducci et al. .... T.G. Lesnick, M. de Andrade, A. West, R. de Silva, J. Hardy, D. Hernandez.

James V. Guarrera, MD


James V. Guarrera, MD. Department of .... Verna EC , Pichardo EM, Farrand E, Balducci A, Emond JC, Guarrera JV, Brown RS. ... Guarrera JV, Samstein B, Aziz F, Kelly J, Hardy M, Ratner LE. ... Guarrera JV, Goldstein MJ, Samstein B, et. al.

Propranolol in Infantile Hemangioma: A Review Article - Journal of ...


Ahogo et al. reported relapse risk of 12% in infants who were treated early with oral .... Wong A, Hardy KL, Kitajewski AM, Shawber CJ, Kitajewski JK, Wu JK. ... Bonifazi E, Colonna V, Mazzotta F, Balducci G, Laforgia N. Propranolol in rapidly  ...

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Optimal management of the elderly patient with head and neck cancer


Feb 10, 2015 ... Nevertheless, Ang et al[7] reported an increased incidence of .... in the elderly patient population than in the younger patients: 22.3% vs ..... Balducci L. Management of cancer in the elderly. .... Balducci L, Hardy CL, Lyman GH.

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dose intensity of therapy (Yancik, 1997; Balducci et al,. 2001). Over the past .... groups (60Ж4% in the older high-risk vs 62Ж7% in younger high-risk; P = 0Ж6). ..... Balducci, L., Hardy, C.L. & Lyman, G.H. (2001) Hematopoietic growth factors in ...

Efficacy and tolerability of gefitinib in pretreated elderly patients with ...


Jan 6, 2004 ... The 11% response rate observed in phase I trials (Kris et al, 2000) led to two ..... Proc Am Soc Clin Oncol 22: A2729; Balducci L, Hardy CL, Lyman GH ... Iaffaioli RV, Gebbia V (2003) Chemotherapy for elderly patients with ...