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Mild therapeutic hypothermia in patients resuscitated from out-of ...


We evaluated heterogeneity of effects using the Higgins I<sup>2</sup> statistic. ... MTH 46.9% (331/705 patients) versus control 44.1% (302/687 patients) (OR, 0.77; 95% ... As described by Zeiner et al.,[44] patients with hyperpyrexia after CA have ..... Søholm H, Kjaergaard J, Bro-Jeppesen J, Hartvig-Thomsen J, Lippert F, Køber L, et al.

Environmental Polychlorinated Biphenyl Exposure and Breast ...


Nov 10, 2015 ... Wells GA, Shea B, O'Connell D, Peterson J, Welch V, Losos M, et al. The Newcastle-Ottawa Scale ... Charlier CJ, Albert AI, Zhang L, Dubois NG, Plomteux GJ. Polychlorinated ... Higgins JP, Thompson SG, Deeks JJ, Altman DG. Measuring .... Høyer AP, Grandjean P, Jørgensen T, Brock JW, Hartvig HB.

Serotonin-1A receptor alterations in depression: a meta-analysis of ...


Ramin V. Parsey <sup>a</sup>△ .... Collin et al. .... Agren H, Reibring L, Hartvig P, Tedroff J, Bjurling P, Hornfeldt K, Andersson Y, Lundqvist H, Langstrom B. ... View Article PubMedGoogle Scholar; Albert PR, Lembo P, Storring JM, Charest A, Saucier C. The ... PubMedGoogle Scholar; Higgins JP, Thompson SG, Deeks JJ, Altman DG.

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Nov 24, 2014 ... rants quashed 1-04581 State vs Norma J Dunn, ord establish condition ... for Dec 19 2-14397 ROC II WA Village At Seeley Lk vs Shante Lawson et al, .... Andrew Meredith, SSN / ITIN: xxx-xx-5361, 2320 SE Higgins Dr., Vancouver, ... 98372, Ch 13, file # 14-46099 Albert Rideaux, IV, SSN / ITIN: xxx-xx-2064, ...

Neuropsychopharmacology - Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor ...


Jan 16, 2013 ... Inflammatory cytokines can decrease BDNF signaling (Cortese et al, 2011; ... The Met allele has been associated with lower serum BDNF (Ozan et al, 2010), .... BDNF nadir (9.6±0 0.8 ng/ml) vs the other subjects (14.0±1.2 ng/ml; ..... Sprunger DB, Campeau S, Higgins EA, Watkins LR, Rudy JW et al (2003).

Fortune favours the bold: a higher predator reduces the impact of a ...


Nov 11, 2013 ... 2010; Simberloff et al. 2013; Dick et al. in press). ... 2008; Haddaway et al. ... more voracious predator of multiple prey species than M. salemaai (Dick et al. ..... L<sup>−1</sup> (Southern & Gardiner 1932; Pociecha, Higgins & McCarthy 2010). ..... Hélène Albert, Thierry Spataro, Functional response comparisons among ...

Self-Gifts: Phenomenological Insights from Four Contexts


Nov 3, 2003 ... (Thompson et al. 1989). ..... properties and processes of sacredness (see Belk et al. ..... may depend on an individually centered versus group- ... Bandura, Albert ( 1982), “The Self and Mechanisms of ... Sorrentino and E. Tory Higgins, New York: Guilford, ... Hanne Hartvig Larsen et al., Copenhagen: Handel.

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Al-Gharaibeh, M. M., Hamasha, H. R., Lachmuth, S., Hensen, I. ... N., Albrecht, J., Scharf, A. K., Rigg, R., Karamanlidis, A. A., Jerina, K., Huber, D., et al. .... Jentsch A., Kreyling J., Lanta V., Loreau M., Meyer S.T., Mori A. S., Naeem S., ..... D. I., Haeni, M., Higgins, S. I., Holdaway, R. J., Iida, Y., Lorimer, C., Marshall, P. ...

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ton prop 218 EState. Haag Ernest V (Jacquelyn S) prof CU h154 ... Haberle Albert J (Bonnie W) stu CU h232 ..... Hardaway Osby (May) emp CU h528 N Al- bany .... Hartwig Ruth G (Mrs Charles J) office ... ~et ?(J1tm~ 0-1 'ln~Wl4HU. 1965 - H. A. MANNING COMPANY'S. I elephone: ..... Higgins Harry B (Pauline A) emp IGCo.

Post 55 and ref.indd - Charles Babbage Institute - University of ...

www.cbi.umn.edu/hostedpublications/Tomash/pdf/29 Post 55 and ref.pdf

Aaboe, Asger Hartvig; Episodes from the early history of mathematics .... technigeschite v. 46/47 pp. ... Aspray, William Franklin, Jr.; et al.; Computing before computers;. Iowa State .... Belzer, Jack; Holzman, Albert George and Kent, Allen; Encyclopedia ..... Campbell, Douglas M. and Higgins, John C.; Mathematics: People,.

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Environmental Polychlorinated Biphenyl Exposure and ... - NCBI


Nov 10, 2015 ... For group II PCBs, Wolff et al. stated that the antiestrogenic effects of .... [58] found higher serum levels (highest vs. lowest tertile) of total PCBs and PCB congener groups classified by Wolff et al. .... Charlier CJ, Albert AI, Zhang L, Dubois NG, Plomteux GJ. ... Higgins JP, Thompson SG, Deeks JJ, Altman DG.

Variants in the DRD2 locus and antipsychotic-related prolactin ...


A2/A2) and recessive (A1/A1 vs. ... Out of 11 studies, 5 included patients with schizophrenia (Mihara et al., 2000, Mihara ..... Alenius et al., 2008; M. Alenius, M. Wadelius, M.L. Dahl, P. Hartvig, L. Lindström, M. Hammarlund-Udenaes ... Borenstein et al., 2005; Borenstein, M., Hedges, L., Higgins, J., Rothstein, H. (Eds ), 2005.

Cardiac-Resynchronization Therapy for Mild-to-Moderate Heart ...


Nov 14, 2010 ... Original Article from The New England Journal of Medicine — Cardiac- Resynchronization Therapy for Mild-to-Moderate Heart Failure.