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Journal List · Br J Pharmacol · v.164(2); 2011 Sep; PMC3174402 ... laminae of the dorsal horn (Harvey et al., 2004; Anderson et al., 2009) and in the ..... in recombinant systems (Arena et al., 1992; Cully et al., 1994; 1996; Kane et al., 2000).


Mar 28, 2013 ... Leavitt M, Burt AD, Hu W, Canty D, Gray M, Bray A, Harvey C, et al. ... Barrett YC, Devanarayan V, Koren E, Liu H, Maia M, Parish T, et al.


pump emerged as an electrogenic H+-transporting V-ATPase that energizes K+/ H+ ... insect epithelia (Harvey and Wieczorek, 1997; Harvey et al., 1998). The molecular .... essential for enzyme activity (Sambade and Kane, 2004). Unlike.


3:13-cv-02274-MMC - Monita Sharma et al v. ... 3:17-cv-00282-MMC - David Berlanga et al v. ... Pltf: / Deft: Gregory Pimstone, Joseph Laska, Ketakee Kane


Wieczorek, 2006; Hirata et al., 1997; Nelson and Harvey, 1999). V-ATPase functions in various organelles such as endosomes, lysosomes, Golgi membranes ...



Oct 3, 2014 ... Study designs were previously described in detail (Kane et al., 2012 ; Fleischhacker et al., ..... Harvey et al., 2013; P.D. Harvey, D.A. Loewenstein, S.J. Czaja ... Efficacy and safety of aripiprazole vs. haloperidol for long-term ...


Richard T. Fitzsimmons, et al. v. ... et al v. Pryor Cashman, LLP, et al. ... et al. v. 180 BKLYN Livingston, LLC d/b/a Dallas BBQ, et al. ... Harvey Kesner v. Haynes  ...


Cognition was assessed by the CogState composite score (Pietrzak et al., 2009) .... excess daytime sleepiness associated with quetiapine XR (vs. lurasidone) persisted ... severe in patients with schizophrenia (Kane and Sharif, 2008; Leifker et al., ... study versus the original randomized ITT population (Harvey et al., 2013) .


C. elegans (Rhabditida, Rhabditidae) is in clade V together with other parasitic ... Parastrongyloides is the sister genus to Strongyloides (Dorris et al., 2002). .... event; (2) a female-only developmental switch, after (Harvey et al., 2000). ..... Lim, S., Katz, K., Krajden, S., Fuksa, M., Keystone, J.S., and Kain K.C. (2004).