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Green v. Brennan ... Oct 5 2015, Brief amici curiae of Equal Employment Advisory Council, et al. filed. Oct 5 2015, Brief amicus curiae of New England Legal ...

“all over” the delay-of-mail issue and that - The Tenth Circuit Court of ...


Jul 28, 2014 ... v. PATRICK R. DONAHOE, Postmaster. General, United States ..... See 1 Barbara T. Lindemann et al., Employment Discrimination Law 21-33.

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Nov 30, 2015 ... ... for a postmaster position. Green v. Donahoe, 760 F.3d 1135, 1137 (10th Cir. 2014). However, a Hispanic candidate received the position.

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Mar 24, 2014 ... consideration in light of Alleyne v. United States .... HATCH, WILLIAM V. UNITED STATES. 13-6903 ... CONTRERAS, RAMON V. SUPERIOR COURT OF CA, ET AL. ..... UTSEY, STEVEN W. V. DONAHOE, POSTMASTER GEN.

An Infrared Survey of Brightest Cluster Galaxies. II: Why are Some ...


In Table 2 we present the estimated infrared luminosities from Quillen et al. ... about star formation history i.e., burst vs. constant star formation, extinction, ... (1) The observations of H2 (e.g., Donahue et al. 2000;. Edge et al. 2002; Hatch et al.

X-ray Spectroscopy of Cooling Clusters - J. R. Peterson & A. C. Fabian


Allen, S. W. et al. 1993 ... Blanton E.L., Sarazin C.L., McNamara B.R., Wise M.W. 2001, ApJ 558, L15. Blanton ... Donahue, M. et al. 2000, ApJ ... Hatch, N. A. et al.

The Coordination of C4 Photosynthesis and the CO2-Concentrating ...


Jan 31, 2014 ... However, the shift in vH+/LEF was greater in maize compared with M. giganteus ( Supplemental Fig. ..... However, as demonstrated previously by Sun et al. ..... to estimate the LEF as ϕPSII × Absleaf × fractionPSII (Donahue et al., 1997; Avenson et al., .... Plant Cell Environ 24: 505–515; Hatch MD, Slack CR.



Citation. Suresh Sivanandam et al 2014 ApJ 796 89 ... Boquien, M., Buat, V., & Boselli, A. et al. 2012, A&A, 539 ... Donahue, M., de Messières, G. E., & O'Connell , R. W. et al. 2011, ApJ ... Ferland, G. J., Fabian, A. C., & Hatch, N. A. et al. 2008 ...



Dec 12, 2013 ... By contrast, an incoming electron with velocity v ~ ve changes the velocity of an electron it ... Donahue, M. & Voit, G. M. 2004, Clusters of Galaxies: Probes of Cosmological ... Ferland, G. J., Fabian, A. C., & Hatch, N. A. et al.

Cold gas in the Intra Cluster Medium: implications for flow dynamics ...


Jun 20, 2008 ... rate (Donahue & Voit 1991). ... possiblity listed above (see Hatch et al. 2006). .... speed of the continuous phase, and v is the speed of the.

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The Samuels Group, Inc. v. Hatch Grading ... - US District Court


The matter before the court is Defendant Hatch Grading & Contracting, Inc.'s. “ Motion to ..... Ass'n v. Donahue, No. 08-0565-CV-W-ODS, 2008 WL 4426139, at * 3, n.5 (W.D. Mo. Sept. 26, 2008) ..... Properties, LC , et al., No. EQCV020017 ( Butler ...

Detections of molecular hydrogen in the outer filaments of NGC1275


... 1275 N. A. Hatch,* C. S. Crawford, A. C. Fabian and R. M. Johnstone Institute of ... is a component ofwarm(1000—4000 K) molecular hydrogen gas (Donahue et al. .... However the Pa and v = 1—0 Q(3) emission lines pass through complex ...

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Amneal Pharmaceutical LLC, et al., a consolidated Hatch-Waxman patent infringement litigation with 18 ... Additionally, there is a related action, Shire LLC v.