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3G/4G Router All-in-One Troubleshooting Guide - TP-Link


Situation 1: 3G/4G modem/Region/ISP is not listed in the compatibility list of our router. ... If you have a 3G modem out of the region's compatibility list, we recommend you to ... If the 3G signal is weak or unstable in your location, there will be a ...

How to Boost your Mobile Broadband 3G Signal | Mobile Fun Blog


May 18, 2010 ... How to Boost your Mobile Broadband 3G Signal ... ideal for people who have problems with 3G reception or use their dongle in a fixed location.

Is it possible to use 3g if 4g signal is not available? - Quora


May 13, 2016 ... You can certainly use 3G provided same is avaialble with your network operator. ... Can I use the Reliance Jio SIM Card in a 3G Dongle? ... Now, if your operator does have a 3G network along with 4G, it depends on your ...

Why isn't my phone receiving Airtel 3G network? - Quora


I hope it's android. Then dial *#*#4636#*#* Click on phone information (If dual sim there will be ... I have Airtel sim I'm not getting 3G network on my phone. What are the ... Make sure that 3G signals are enough available near your device. At one time, 3G ... Can an Airtel 4G SIM work in a Huaiwai 3G dongle? Which is the  ...

How mobile broadband works: An introduction to 3.5G and 4G ...


Jun 9, 2016 ... These are referred to as third-generation (3G) networks and they ... modem and a cellphone—but, because it has no battery or screen, ... Anywhere you can get a good (3.5G or 4G) signal, you can get high-speed broadband.

Use a Satellite Dish to Improve Your 3G Wireless broadband Signal


These instructions will help you outfit a dish to accept your modem and supply ... Please note that all dishes are not the same, you may need to variate this design to suit ... Use a Satellite Dish to Improve Your 3G Wireless broadband Signal.

3g not working but 2g working - Network Providers - Tom's Hardware


Jan 14, 2015 ... First of all Edge E is signal related terms which has less bandwidth compared to 3G ,internet accessing would be slow in Edge . Now coming ...

networking - Inspite of set network-mode 3G type, getting 2G ...


Jun 11, 2014 ... How to solve this and get only 3G (HSPA/WCDMA) instead of EDGE connection? ... Reinstall network-manager & modem-manager-gui with 2G ... How is reinstalling the underlying networking framework gonna help them get 3G signal ? ... (I not needed to install any extra package for network-manager ) ...

Solved: H+ not 3G signal - Telstra Crowdsupport - 544153


Feb 15, 2016 ... My Samsung Galaxy S6 is locked in 3G, but most of the time it shows H+. ... When the phone says 3G or 4g, that means that it has a 3G signal ...

How To Force Your Huawei/ZTE Modem To Connect To 3G Signals ...


How To Force Your Huawei/ZTE Modem To Connect To 3G Signals Only ... NOTE: Your usb internet modem will get noticeably hotter and will drain your battery faster so ... How To Unlock Huawei USB Internet Modem Without Unlock Code