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Feely et al., 2009


doNey, aNd Sarah r. cooley present conditions ... o grap h y, V o lum e 22, N umb er 4, a q u arterly jo urn al o f The o cean o g rap h y S o ciety. ..... (Equation 3, and Doney et al., 2009). This ..... Mehrbach, C., C.H. Culberson, J.E. Hawley, and.

Ocean Acidification: The Other CO2 Problem (PDF)


May 9, 2009 ... water pCO2 and atmospheric CO2 agree well (Takahashi et al. ... decreases in surface seawater alkalinity, pH, and DIC (Doney et al. ..... tion rates for laboratory E. huxleyi cultures grown at 750 μatm versus 300 μatm pCO2.

Detecting anthropogenic carbon dioxide uptake ... - Biogeosciences


Jul 11, 2012 ... Wickett, 2003, 2005; Orr et al., 2005; Doney et al., 2009;. Feely et al., 2009), ... ocean uptake of anthropogenic CO2 (e.g., Friis et al., 2005;. Brown et al., 2010 ..... observed R/V Atlantic Explorer and BTM seawater pCO2 were averaged ...... Mehrbach, C., Culberson, C. H., Hawley, J. E., and Pytkow- icz, R. M.: ...

No ocean acidification effects on shell growth and repair in the New ...


Mar 4, 2015 ... ... skeletal production (Doney et al., 2009; Byrne, 2011; Watson et al., 2012 ... ecology, and biology of extant brachiopods (Peck et al., 1997, 2005; Peck ..... Ko G. W.,; Dineshram R.,; Campanati C.,; Chan V. B.,; Havenhand J.,; Thiyagarajan V. ... Mehrbach C.,; Culberson C. H.,; Hawley J. E.,; Pytkowicxz R. M..

CO2-driven ocean acidification reduces larval feeding efficiency and ...


May 16, 2013 ... (Marín et al., 1986), and for the following groups: cyanobacteria (Cyan), nanoflagellates (NF), ..... including the extent of low oxygen minimum zone in coastal areas and global temperature rise (Doney et al., 2012). ..... Marín V.,; Huntley M. E.,; Frost B. W. ... Mehrbach C.,; Culberson C. H.,; Hawley J. E.,; et al.

Direct observations of basin-wide acidification of the North Pacific ...


A correction of +4 μmol kg<sup>−1</sup> was applied to the 1991 DIC data [Lamb et al., 2001 ]. ... techniques [Roemmich, 1983] on latitude-versus-potential-density sections. .... nitrogen fixation), to an extent that is not well characterized [Doney et al., 2009] . .... Mehrbach, C., C. H. Culberson, J. E. Hawley, and R. M. Pytkowicz (1973), .....

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1999; Doney et al., 2009; Orr et al., 2005; The Royal Society,. 2005]. This process is ... likely relative impacts of CO2 versus the other anthropogenic gases in such ..... Mehrbach, C., C. H. Culberson, J. E. Hawley, and R. M. Pytkowicz (1973),.

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Alberto V. Borgesa,* and Nathalie Gypensb ... al. 2006; Doney et al. 2009). Such changes can provide either positive or negative feedback on increasing atmo-.

Persistent carry-over effects of planktonic exposure to ocean ...


consequences to natural populations (Helmuth et al. 2006, Parmesan 2006). ... reproduction of many marine organisms (Doney et al. 2009). However, few ...

Trends in the North Atlantic carbon sink - MIT Department of Earth ...


Oct 24, 2009 ... Citation: Ullman, D. J., G. A. McKinley, V. Bennington, and S. ... largely inconsistent from study to study [McKinley et al., .... al., 2007; Doney et al., 2007]. ...... Mehrbach, C., C. H. Culberson, J. E. Hawley, and R. M. Pytkowicz ...

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Direct observations of basin-wide acidification of the North ... - SOEST


far-reaching chemical and ecological effects [Doney et al.,. 2009], yet direct ... 1983] on latitude-versus-potential-density sections. Average ..... Mehrbach, C., C. H. Culberson, J. E. Hawley, and R. M. Pytkowicz (1973),. Measurement of the ...

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Hawley JA(1), Palmer GS, Noakes TD. ... both muscle glycogen utilisation [277 ( 64) vs 273 (114) mmol.kg-1 d.w.] and total CHO oxidation [169 (20) vs 165 (30) ...

Ocean acidification and responses to predators: can sensory ... - NCBI


Sep 2, 2013 ... 2008; Widdicombe and Spicer 2008; Doney et al. 2009; Kroeker et al. ..... model to the next. All statistics were undertaken using Statistica (v 10). ..... 2008;27:105– 113. Mehrbach C, Culberson CH, Hawley JE, Pytkowicz RM.