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Eye color is a polygenic phenotypic character determined by two distinct factors: the .... Iris color can provide a large amount of information about a person, and a ... Also, hazel eyes may appear to shift in color and consist of flecks and ripples, ...


Aug 3, 2017 ... Hazel eyes are a mixture of two or three colors and can look different on each ... For more information, visit our page about color contact lenses.


We'll also take a peek at common myths associated with hazel eyes. Other information will be imparted as well, including a video on eye color and a hazel eye ...


What is the genetic makeup of hazel eyes? Learn information on the science, myths, and misconceptions about hazel eyes.


Aug 25, 2010 ... Eye color is explained. The genetics are complicated but there tends to be six main eye colors: blue, green, brown, hazel, amber, red, and gray.


In a second eye color gene let's say that G confers green or hazel eyes and g results in lighter eyes. In simple terms in one gene the B allele confers brown eye  ...


Green eye color is often confused with hazel eye color, yet is entirely separate and distinct. Green eye color is the rarest color found around the world, and it is ...


If you're like me, my hazel eyes frequently change color depending on what I'm wearing. They can be exceptionally dark or a brighter green. That's why I was ...


eye; color; iris; hazel; rare; harmless; gene; dominant; pigment; determine; factor ... Share this information with a friend and try it out with a few other people.