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Hypnic headache - The Migraine Trust


Hypnic headaches occur exclusively at night, waking you from your sleep at the ... found to have experienced this condition when falling asleep during the day.

Headache: When to worry, what to do - Harvard Health


Sep 30, 2015 ... Most headaches can be treated effectively with medication, but certain instances or ... Migraines often begin in the evening or during sleep.

Headaches while sleeping - Headaches & Migraines Message ...


Dec 4, 2003 ... I have been having real bad headaches while I am sleeping. I will wake in the middle of the night with an excruciating headache. I can't get up ...

Sleep and Migraines: What's the Link? - WebMD


During medical school, he found that sleeping only four or five hours at night could trigger a headache. But so could sleeping 10 hours on the rare night when he ...

What causes nightly headaches? | Zocdoc Answers


Another cause of recurrent sleep-time headaches is obstructive sleep apnea. This is when one has trouble getting oxygen while sleeping. This is common in ...

Headaches During The Night - Headache Expert


Jun 20, 2016 ... Headaches may occur during the night or just after wakening and can prevent a restful sleep. Sleep apnea and low blood sugar are two factors ...

painful pressure-like headache during sleep - Migraine


Sep 17, 2008 ... I have frequent headaches and migraines. I also tend to get a painful, pressure- like feeling in my head from sleeping, is this normal? The best ...

Why You're Waking up with Headaches | Sleep.org


Find out the reasons why you wake up with a headache. ... While virtually any sleep problem can be to blame for an aching head, these are some of the most ...

Cluster Headache and Sleep | MHNI Migraine Headache and Head ...


These symptoms occur during the day. While narcolepsy is a REM sleep disorder , it does not appear to be a trigger for cluster headache attacks.

10 headache triggers - Live Well - NHS Choices


More than eight hours' sleep at a time can bring on a headache. ... How to fix it: Your dentist can fit you with a mouth guard to protect your teeth while you sleep.

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Sleep Disorders and Headache | Help For Headaches


Obstructive sleep apnea---A disorder characterized by loud snoring during the night, ... Headache can be a presenting symptom of sleep disorders; conversely,  ...

Nighttime headaches: How can I get relief? - Mayo Clinic


Feb 5, 2014 ... Nighttime headaches can disrupt sleep — what can provide relief? ... or "alarm clock" — headaches, which begin only during sleep, usually ...

Getting Headaches? You Can't Sleep on It - WebMD


Jun 26, 2000 ... "Cluster headaches are a terrible problem, and people who get them ... It occurs when a person's airway becomes blocked while sleeping.