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Sony Headphone Jack Replacement - better and stronger

Most headphones are made to be light, sound good and designed to break at the plug. These steps can be used for most all models of headphones. For ve...

#1 How to Repair or Fix Headphones (Headphone Jack)

A how to guide showing how to fix plug shorts that occur in most brands of headphones. The headphone plug I show in the video is $4.19 (2 pack), he...

Replacing the jack on a pair of headphones - Instructables

Got a pair of perfectly good headphones you need to toss cause the jack is broken? ... I personally have had so many problems when it comes to trying to repair ...

Repair a Broken Headphone Plug for $2 - Lifehacker

Repairing headphone jacks | Imgur via Apartment Therapy .... cord in the casing with a female 3.5mm jack, then using a male to male to connect the headphones  ... Jack Repair&v=xBn27rc_Bd8
Jun 10, 2011 ... Good idea but not sure I would choose this method of repair. .... can i also use the other headphone jack? because there's no available stock in ...
Price: $3.00
Gold 4 Pole 3.5mm Male Repair headphone Jack Plug Metal Audio Soldering & Spring; color:Gold(the same our picture show); Brand new and high quality ...  · More about this product »

How can I repair the headphone jack? - Motorola Droid - iFixit can I repair the headphone jack

Recently I have been getting an extraneous crackling noise from a loose 1/8" connection in my phone. At times sound will completely cut out and the music app ...

How To Repair a Headphone Cable and Replace a Jack Plug - Tested

Apr 20, 2011 ... I think you'll agree, headphone cables break more often than we'd like. These tiny pieces of plastic, rubber and copper put up with a lot of stress ...

iPod Touch 4th Generation Headphone Jack Replacement - iFixit Touch 4th Generation Headphone Jack Replacement/3611

iFixit - iPod Touch 4th Generation Headphone Jack Replacement: Replace a broken headphone jack on your 4th generation iPod Touch.

How I fixed my headphone jack on my phone. | Motorola Droid X2 ...

If you shine a light into the headphone jack and can't see the ... I was about to send my Xperia Z1 Compact for repair for this very reason, but I ...

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Q: Speakers iHip Captain America Headphone-jack repair
A: After removing the 3 screws, I was able to see which colored wire went to the right-side headphone. Read More »
Q: Speakers iHip Captain America Headphone-jack repair
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