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How to Care for a Sprained Ankle

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A sprained ankle means one or more ligaments on the outer side of your ankle ... Treating your sprained ankle properly may prevent chronic pain and instability.

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Ankle sprains take an average of 6 weeks to heal but can take can up to 4 months, depending on the severity. An ankle brace, air stirrup, hiking boots, or other ...

How to Heal a Sprained Ankle
Sprained ankles can beseige active people who participate in sports or projects that involve footwork. It is best to prevent ankle injuries by stretching and performing warm-up exercises before becoming active in a sport or physical project. But if you... More »
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Aug 3, 2011 ... Do you have a sprained ankle that won't heal? It's not that .... I had three severe sprains on my left and three not so bad on my right. The last ...

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Continued pain 6-8 weeks after an ankle sprain is not uncommon. ... That will help me heal much faster than waiting a few days for my ankle to heal on its own.

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Sep 13, 2015 ... The healing process can be slow with some people but you may not need ... My colleague sprained her ankle in March and she is still in pain ...

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Most sprains are minor injuries that heal with home treatments like rest and ... Most sprained ankles occur in the lateral ligaments on the outside of the ankle. .... to work, sports, or other activities before your ankle heals and is rehabilitated.

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A sprained ankle, also known as an ankle sprain, twisted ankle, rolled ankle, floppy ankle, .... If an ankle sprain does not heal properly, the joint may become unstable and may lead to chronic pain...

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Ankle sprains happen when the ligaments that support the ankle get overly ... These types of sprains can be tricky, and the recovery period depends on the level of ... are torn away from the bone causing the bone to fracture in the process .

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Q: What treatments should be done to heal a sprained ankle? - Quora
A: First of all... You have to determine the severity and nature of the ankle sprain. The most common type of strain, the lateral ankle sprain, which is typically... Read More »
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A: Mar 14, 2008 ... I twisted my ankle quiet badly yesterday (second degree spain I think) and I can hardly walk on it at the moment. It swelled up in a egg shape... Read More »
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Q: What is the fastest way to heal a sprained ankle? | Yahoo Answers
A: Oct 9, 2008 ... i was playing basketball at school and i fell on someone's foot and my ankle bent in.I got an x-ray and they said it was an average sprain. Read More »
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Q: Can I run with a sprained ankle which is almost healed after a mo...
A: I am not a healthcare professional, and this is not medical advice. Based on my own experience, I personally wouldn't run long distances on a sprained ankl... Read More »
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Q: How long does it take for a sprained foot to heal? - Quora
A: My disclaimer is that I am not a doctor, I simply have experience with sprained ankles. I have always had weak ankles, and as a baby they could be rotated ... Read More »
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