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HearPod Announces Clear Choice Transparent Hearing Aids - —


North Carolina, March 26—HearPod Inc. announces the addition of the Clear Choice hearing aid to their HearPod product line. The new Clear Choice hearing  ...

HearPod Hearing Aids - —


HearPod is one of the first truly innovative hearing systems of today providing every patient with an amazing ... HearPod provides: ... founder of HearPod, Inc.

Hearing aid information and resources about hearing aids and ...


HearPod customers can start hearing life more clearly, without sacrificing quality, or style. Due to HearPods special ... Randy Wohlers, founder of HearPod, Inc.

MyHearPod.com Hearing Aids


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HearPod Clear Choice Hearing Aids Win Over Egos - —


HearPod Clear Choice hearing aids are hoping to change minds and egos, one patient at a time. Would your ego ... Randy Wohlers, founder of HearPod, Inc.

Hearing Aids Have Changed My Life - —


... personality? HearPod Hearing Aids Launch A Customer Success Story Program · Family Life and Hearing Aids ... Randy Wohlers, founder of HearPod, Inc.

Apple Sued: Hearing Aid Hearpods vs. Earpods - Tom's Hardware


Apr 8, 2013 ... Apple being sued by Randolph Divisions and Hearpod Inc. for similarities in product function and name; paperwork demands damages and ...

HEARPOD Sues Apple over "EarPods" Branding - Patently Apple


Apr 2, 2013 ... Randolph Divisions Inc. ("RDI" of Hawaii) and HEARPOD Inc. ("HI" of Nevada) have filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Apple that ...

MyHearPod.com Has One-Stop Solution for Baby Boomer Hearing ...


Mar 2, 2006 ... According to Randy Wohlers BC HIS, President of HearPod Inc., ... a hearing aid would benefit them, HearPod clients simply select the size and ...

Dispenser who developed HearPods sues Apple| David H ...


Apr 10, 2013 ... In the suit, filed March 28 in Hawaii District Court in Honolulu, Randolph Divisions and its subsidiary HearPod, Inc., accuse Apple of trademark ...