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This is a list of the heaviest people recorded. The table includes each person's name, peak .... singer whose weight peaked at 343 kg (757 lb; 54 st 0 lb). Billy and Benny McCrary, holders of Guinness World Records's World's Heaviest Twins.


The heaviest person in medical history was Jon Brower Minnoch (USA)(1941–83 ), who had suffered from obesity since childhood. He was 185 cm (6 ft 1 in) tall ...


May 10, 2017 ... The world's heaviest man, who once tipped the scales at nearly 1300 pounds, has gone under the knife in a bid to drop half his weight.


May 5, 2017 ... The man believed to be the world's heaviest was preparing on Friday, May 5th to undergo biliopancreatic bypass surgery in Mexico. According ...


May 10, 2017 ... World's heaviest man goes under the knife. Eman Ahmed, an Egyptian woman who underwent weight loss surgery, is carried on a stretcher as ...


Mar 7, 2017 ... By then Mason had been dubbed the world's fattest man, perhaps the most ridiculed person in the United Kingdom, trapped on a 10-foot ...


May 5, 2017 ... The man believed to be the world's heaviest was preparing on Friday (May 5) to undergo biliopancreatic bypass surgery in Mexico.

Nov 17, 2016 ... Juan Pedro, 32, who is considered the world's heaviest man at 1100 pounds, has left his bed for the first time in six years. "I think there is a new ...


Mar 29, 2017 ... World's heaviest man, 32, who weighed half a ton and has spent the last six years confined to his bed is set to undergo a gastric bypass.